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    It's worth mentioning that if you want to have cordless tools, you should look at it from the standpoint that you're buying into a battery platform since those are consumable parts and they're expensive to buy and replace.

    Don't write off the big brands like Milwaukee. H-D has combo kits with the M18 (non-fuel, brushed) 1/2" drill, 1/4" impact, two batteries, charger and case for $169 which is perfect for weekend warrior or DIY tasks. I just picked up some HF Bauer cordless tools which appear to be competitively priced for the quality and I'm extremely happy with them but wish I had taken a closer look at the other offerings.
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    Bingo, at least in my opinion.

    I've had the mutt mix of cordless tools. Rechargers all over the place, various batteries dead, various tools unusable because of that.

    Switching to a single battery system, and then buying tools that use only that single battery system has enabled me to keep on going, because having one charger and two or three batteries just works. At least for me.

    Personally, I'm running the DeWalt 20V line myself these days, and am perfectly happy with it.

    On the heavier yard equipment, I'm running the Ryobi 40V stuff. Also perfectly happy with it.
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    I have the older blue Ryobi multitool set that comes in the big blue box. Drill died but the circular and sawzalls all work great. Kids got me the Milwaukee drill and driver set to replace. No issues with that and great battery life. Meanwhile, the blue Ryobi batteries all died, so replaced with green liion batteries.

    So now I have the ryobi green impact driver for the car, weedwacker, boombox, weed and hedge clippers, and 2 emergency lights. Picked up two hicap batteries at Home Depot on special, and the tools at Directtool outlets. Registered with Ryobi, they have replaced one battery on warranty.

    I like em.
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    I have a lime green Ryobi which I used to build two decks, and a children's play set. 10 years later I used the same Ryobi to take it apart. It has lasted me plenty long and I have done a ton of stuff with it.
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    Ryobi makes a high volume/high capacity pool float inflator in their line up.......'nuff said.
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    Go Makita. You will never regret it.
  7. CA_Strom

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    The beauty of the Milwaukee M12 stuff is that they offer 100+ tools in that line. You can add a tool as needed. Oh, and if you go that route, get the 3/8" ratchet. You'll wonder how you ever got by wrenching without it.

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    My brother is builder and told me to get the Ridgid for the battery warranty. There are not as many tools in their lineup. But the four I bought have been good for several years now. I'm still on the original two batteries.

    I have worked the hell out of the 1/4" impact. That is my go to motorcycle wrenching tool. I'm not as impressed with the 1/2" impact. But the drill has been excellent and I flat out love that little 1/4" impact for the bike.

    I kind of wish I had bought Ryobi just for the greater selection of tools. But the Ridgid stuff hasn't caused me any regerts. And it might be a good thing there are fewer tools available. :lol3
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    You forgot Dewalt is part of the group. I would just get the porter cable you want. The Dewalt and the Black and decker batteries are compatible. You just need to remove a blocking tab off the battery and possible trim a corner off the battery area. Tons of videos and how to's on this.

    As far as hammer drills. There is really no reason for a cordless one. Sure I have used my cordless hammer drill to make a few holes here and there. But generally when I need to make a hole in concrete I need a big plug in unit. And for the few times that I do need to make a hammered hole just pull out the extension cord.
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    My 2 cents to add to some good advice here already. If you buy the Rigid stuff because of the lifetime warranty it only works if you can live without the tool while the long warranty process takes place. Buddy gave up the second time his Rigid gave out and he needed a tool now and couldn’t wait a few weeks. Went Makita and never looked back. I’m deep into Makita 18V so stuck there for life. The fan has been surprisingly useful as has the blower. The new 6 amp hour batteries are out so twice the run time as the 3 AH that used to be the biggest. My cordless angle grinder and recip saw actually work properly now. Did buy the Milwaukee 12 Volt ratchets and love them. Beauty of any of these systems is you will always have something you can ask for as a gift since the bare tools are quite reasonable.
  11. ozmoses

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    Jul 3, 2009
    I went Ridgid years ago because of their Lifetime Warranty which I have used on more than one occasion.
    Therein lies the rub, I shouldn't have to.

    Really, if you want a lifetime too- HILTI.

    Just under that,IMO,would be Milwaukee.

    Otherwise, the difference is the color.

    IME,of course.
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    Ryobi is great for a most folks, there is always deals going on them and home cheepo stores are on every corner.
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    We have Ryobi in one shop and Milwaukee M12 and M18 in another. The Milwaukee is great and there are a lot of specialty tools.

    While I like the Milwaukee, the ryobi stuff has been great. For value, it is great. And you can find nearly unused used ones from people who buy the big sets or get them as gifts, but never use them.

    If you just want something to do a job, ryobi. To have tools that make you feel like you are using great tools, milwaukee.

    Both ways are winners. Pick one and be happy.
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    Lots of decent tips in here, like standardizing on a battery. If it matters to you, DeWalt is still somewhat made in the USA. [Milwaukee today has nothing to do with Grandpa's tools.]

    The real take-away: Never buy ANY of them unless they're discounted. Regular vs. Black Friday pricing is enormous.
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    Sign up for this guys blog.

    He sends out daily emails with daily deals.
    About every 3-4 weeks Home Depot has a one day deal on a 5-6 pc Milwaukee kit. HUGE deal. More often deals on one and two tool kits.
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    HVAC guy here and I rely heavily on battery tools since jobsites don't always have power, or I can't be dragging a dirty cord over a customer's white carpet. Admittedly, my experience with Milwaukee tools was many years ago, but everything wore out fast. Bearings died in drills, batteries wouldn't charge/hold a charge, saws wouldn't retain blades,etc...

    My DeWalt stuff is going on 15 years old and has been 100% flawless. Again, current models won't be the same, but I have a few other corded DeWalt tools that have also been flawless. Big fan of DeWalt, still untrusting of Milwaukee. Ryobi and Porter Cable drills owned in the past lasted only weeks to months. Ryobi being the worst.

    In my experience, Makita, Ridgid and DeWalt are my go to brands for new tools. Old used tools, Stanley stuff used to be bombproof. I have a Stanley metal shear that's 40 years old and going strong. Yardsale score. But for limited homeowner use, any battery tool is going to suffer. They need to be drained and recharged constantly or they just wither and die. If Ridgid will do free battery replacements for life, that sounds like a great option, but when your current tool/battery pack is no longer in production that warranty most likely won't mean much.

    For home use, I'd buy quality corded tools and own them for life, unless being mobile is a must. Batteries are a necessary evil I tolerate at work.
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    Rigid sucks now. I still have a beat to shit 8+ year old impact that was the original Rigid 18v model that still runs strong. Their new stuff is absolute junk now. It's all disposable.

    The red, teal and yellow stuff just depends on the particular model you buy. They all make great stuff and they also make some crap. Like my yellow cordless drill with the shittiest chuck ever known. The impact that came with it has been a legend.

    The lime green stuff isn't great but if you don't use it often it's okay and it's cheap enough to replace.

    That being said, black Friday sales will be here before we know it. HD and Lowes never have a black Friday crowd in the smaller stores except for the first hour.

    By the way, I scored a brushless 18v Makita impact and hammer drill combo for under $100 not long ago at HD.

    Pick a color and run with it.
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    Milwaukee M12 stubby in 3/8" is great as I said before. I also have the 1/4 and 1/2 fuel ratchets and my thoughts are kind of mixed. They claim whatever, don't remember, but if you have a bolt tightened to 20ft/lb, they won't ever take them loose. Stuff tightened to 10ft/lb they work great, and they tighten good, maybe too good, you have to use care and go slow.
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