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    Sep 1, 2014
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    I have the Dewalt portable table saw and planer and a corded die grinder. They will probably outlive me.
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    I think the M12 is marketed towards lighter compact tools, the M18 is on the bigger more powerful side.
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    I needed a new hedge trimmer and decided to make the change to cordless. I opted for the Ryobi One+ 18V system. I already had a shop light, 1.5 Ah battery, and charger for that. Pre Father's Day sale got me two 4 Ah batteries, a charger, and the tool of my choice so I got the hedge trimmer option for $99. All arrived and I got to play with the trimmer. Pretty darn handy not having to worry about cutting a cord which I'd done twice. The hedge trimmer is not as long and not quite as powerful as the corded one but I think the handiness will outweigh the decrease in power/length. I also got the 18V 12" chainsaw with 4Ah battery and charger for $159 iirc. I got it primarily to carry on the dirtbike for trail maintenance in Montana. I won't get to try it for a couple weeks. I was favorably impressed a week ago riding for awhile with a guy that had the Dewalt 20V 12" chainsaw. He said it was good for 32 cuts on one battery charge. I hope to ride with him again to do some more work on that trail and will report back with a side by side comparison if it works out.
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    Another Ryobi fan. I’ve had a drill for over 10 years ugly but going strong. Recent bought a impact driver, I can’t believe the difference for screws. My original charger died, 10years, and the original batteries also ten years are starting to weaken. Many Rigid tools are interchangeable. I wish they made a ratchet.
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    I am sure there is valid reasons for every reply here. I worked in a very large tool store where we handled the warranty work for the big four as well as the ultra high end tools which we are not speaking abut here.

    What you need to consider is are you going to expand your tools in the not too distant future? If you are, you want to expand that collection with same brand. You will see that most single or even double tool sets are now being sold as "tool only" and you need to buy the battery and charger. That gets very expensive. And those sets that come with a battery, usually come with a 1.5 to 3 amp-hour battery which is good for a drill and a small impact gun so long as you are pre-drilling any screws into hardwoods. And as I mentioned impact driver, I have to say, changing truck wheels, I am surprised you can break the tight hold of the lug nuts with a small impact driver. To get a substantial impact driver, you need to go with one of the four big brands, Milwaukie, Makita, DeWalt and Bosch.

    I have all Bosch equipment. I like them and have had no issues with any of them. But. If I were to need to replace everything at once, I think I would go with Makita. Reason I take Makita over Bosch is that they have a far greater selection of cordless tools than Bosch. And like I said before, batteries need to be considered. I don't want to have a whole bench covered with different battery chargers.

    I have Ryoby biscuit which I really like and use often for 30 some years without problem. It is corded. My lawn trimmer is a Ryobe cordless and I quite like it. It started acting up after several years. So, seeing as I worked at the tool store I bought a DeWalt. I have used that a few times and regretted buying it. I was able to fix the Ryobe about two or three years ago and it has not failed me since, and I am still on the original battery which is now over ten years old and still produces enough on one charge to trim my whole yard. I find that impressive,

    So! (breath) there you have my thoughts.
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