Corner to corner Charleston, SC to Lake Sutherland, WA

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    Aug 7, 2010
    Lowcountry South Carolina
    Travel time: 16 days
    Border crossings: 25 states
    Distance traveled: 6,602mi

    In the wake of a near fatal wreck that I was involved in I purchased a ‘08 R1200RT.

    Totaled ‘11 R1200GS link below

    I had owned “The RT” for about 6 months and was just in a funk about riding. I just couldn’t get excited about anything which is a red flag when you have FTW tattooed on your hand . I don’t own cars, haven’t for years and years. My wife said that I was depressed over the loss of my ‘11 GS tricked out pony. The GS was named Mad Maxine, and the ragged @$$ Harley before named Dirty Harriett. Yet this silver RT was just a mode of transportation.

    When I was back to full protective gear it was clear that I needed to moto-meditate with this Silver RT.

    Day 1. in a suburb of Nashville where my BMW Motorrad GPS got stolen....

    Nashville to Tulsa

    Day 2. Trying to shake the funk off of having lost a gadget. I blazed a trail to Tulsa, OK

    Tulsa to Denver

    Day 3. Went out of my way for a random castle in BFE Kansas called Coronado.

    Denver to Salt Lake

    Day 4. Leaving out of Denver early enough to catch breakfast in Vale, I blew through the Rockies.
    I made a few stops off before my border crossing to Utah. I had planned to see Moab but budgeted more time to see 1500 to 2000-year-old canyon paintings. So around the same time there was a particular book being acted out real time on the other side of the globe. I rode over 80 miles without pavement with a fully loaded touring bike with rain tires ‍♂️. I guess you can take the rider off an ADV bike, but you can’t take the ADV out of the rider. Those hours spent in the desert were probably the coolest motorcycle experience I’ve ever had in the 200,000 miles plus that I’ve ridden. Those canyons had energy.

    Salt Lake City to Kennewick, WA

    Day 5. Left out of Salt Lake City and headed towards Kennewick. By this time I’ve gotten a good rhythm and decided to take the Mt. Rainer pass. Little to my knowledge there was a winter weather pattern going through the pass at me. Shout out to who ever that plow driver was waiting for me and throwing salt down while we got off the mountain in a full on 27* winter white out. It both amazing, sketchy and SUPER slick. Made it down the pass and stopped off a general store where I overheard the locals talking about local news when the cashier asked me which way I was heading? Told him towards Seattle. Everyone apparently became interested in me. They were all standing around talking about the pass being closed which means it’s done for the year. Cashier said I was the last bike through the pass and couldn’t believe the photos I took during the storm. I arrived to Kennewick feeling tired and cold.

    Kennewick to Lake Sutherland on the Olympic peninsula.

    Day 6. It hammered rain on me the entire day until arriving at Lake Sutherland to a glassy surface. I know during my riding through a grey tube I passed over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

    I spent a few day hanging out with my estranged only sibling. We have been in close communication to date.

    Leaving out of Washington to Portland.

    Spent about 24hrs in Portland and would go back to explorer again

    Portland to Twin Falls, ID

    Detoured to the Timberland ski lodge Mt. Hood, OR where the outside scenes of The Shining were filmed. I stopped in someone’s back yard for a picture of Mt. St. Helens. Once in Twin Falls I meet a older gentleman at the visitor center who was present the day Evil Knievel climbs into a rocket . The gentleman said he was filming from a national guard helicopter and showed me pictures he took that day of Evil climbing into the rocket etc. I geeked out pretty hard with that old man. He said at the time he wasn’t allowed to get close to the launch site or partying because there was an entourage of what he said were hundreds if not a few thousand patched riders. After the failed snake river canyon attempt on-lookers stuck around and partied for 5 days until the supplies had run dry.

    Twin Falls to Denver

    By this point is was approaching later October’19 and weather was starting to make motorcycling risky business. I knew that the Rockies were covered in snow so I blasted over to Wyoming. 27* and dry and it was at a rest stop in little America that I realized my gerbings vest had not been connected into the controller zipped in the best pocket.

    I made it into Denver snug as a bug with having working gerbings gloves and vest.

    Spent a few days catching up with my mother before striking out of Denver in a hurry to get ahead of an incoming storm.

    Made it to Strasburg, CO and started to have ABS failure due to actively raining and 23*. I had officially been out-weathered. After witnessing a diesel dualie pulling a dualie on a gooseneck lose control and slam in the center median I told myself “self! You need to get off the road!”

    I sat in a truck stop watching the weather become more and more wintery. I was finally able to rent a haul. Huge shout out to the guys at the Napa in Strasburg for helping me load my RT into my rental without a ramp during an active ice storm!! Turns out one of the guys had ran into the ramp less truck situation before. So we pushed my bike into a 14” truck. Then backed the trucks butt to butt and used the 14’ trucks’s ramp to roll my bike into the 10’ truck.

    Once loaded I continued East knowing that there was no ramp on the delivery end....

    I was able to find some scraps and a busted ramp. I was successful single handily uploading my bike it the sketchiest setup to date.

    From Tulsa to Charleston was boring and iron butt material aboard “Lucille Ballz to the wall” my ‘08 R1200RT.

    Lucille is currently up for trade with anyone who has a KTM 990. HMU if you know of anyone interest.

    Keep the rubber side down.

    Mosher FTW

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    I'm late, but just got here and this is an awesome sketchy story with the winter catching up to you. Thanks

    I went over that Rainier pass with a couple buddies in June a couple years ago and it was nerve wracking, wet, fogged in, coldish. Then, we bombed down the east side to Yakima where it was 70 degrees and sunny. Go figure