Cosmetic downgrades for my KLR

Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by Gravis1982, May 19, 2020.

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    May 31, 2019
    I have a 2017, with crashbars.

    I am looking to shed weight in the usual places. Its going to cost me max 2000 to get it to where I would be happy with it for many more years, vs 11000 for the tenere + trying to sell the KLR for whatever it goes for. Thus, I have decided to keep.

    Besides the usual things that people ask,
    1) what is the consensus on the best single headlight? I want to remove the fairing and the shrouds (adding an IMS tank). I need DOT obviously with high and low. I want a round single light that will stand up to off road use.

    2) is there at tail tidy package out there that is fairly easy without too much cutting and messing around? Or, what have other people done that has worked?