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    Just got back from two weeks in CR. Before going I found some GPS offered oniline. Bought it, used it, liked it, it was very helpfull. Got us out of San Jose and on the right road in no-time after getting lost-before powering the GPS up.
    No connection to the Co. selling it. Just want to let everyone know it's available.

    I have a GPSMap 378 and the site mentioned that you download the info to your SD card. Emailed prior to buying to verify that it would work in my unit, was told it works in any Garmin unit.
    Well, 378's and others have a Garmin specific data card for them and we had trouble getting the data transferred, called the contact, who is in CR and he went above and beyond with helping us getting the info transferred to the Garmin card in the unit.

    Don't have the address, but do a search for Smartways Costa Rica GPS and go from there! Enjoy!

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    Just returned from three months stay in Costa Rica. Have had GPS mapping for that country for past 2 years. Do web search for E-Z Find. The company is located in San Jose Costa Rica. Their mapping is quality. Their service is fantasic. Feel free to PM me if I can be of any futher assistance. Traveling Central America by motorcycle is a fantastic experience. Strongly advice reading travel report in ADV for border crossing info, etc.:clap