Costa Rica: Trippin' with GR

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    Apr 29, 2011
    Alajuela, Costa Rica via MN.
    The entire zone beween Purscal/Parrita is adventure trail nirvana. I was in El Sur once before sniffing out this road through Carara. The local at the Pulperia there and a few others on small enduros talked me out of it and turned me on to the route back to Puriscal through Lanas.

    I have only been left with more desire to ride the last remaining three miles of this road. I think a D606 rear, Mt21 front and a 47 teeth on the rear sprocket will be the trick to getting the DR through. Getting a GSA through there would be major bragging rights.

    Definately not a road to go at alone on a whim.
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    Apr 29, 2010
    Costa Rica -

    We took some friends from Bijagual to Puriscal once, big bikes, it was fun but we had to help out a couple of times, specially in the uphills after the river crossing. There’s a soda in El Sur that felt like a 4 star hotel when we asked for fresco de Limon and something to eat. It took us almost 3 hours lol

    We met a group of enduro riders, they were all muddy coming from the road you went. I can only imagine !

    I didn’t know about that guy who got lost in Carara, that’s a very tough Forrest. I understand there’s another road from Bijagual to north that is only accesible by 4 wheelers and other braves ones. I guess I’d never get to see it lol