Countersteering confusion : (

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    Oh, this fella personifies the stereotype......:deal

    2002 Ultra Classic, with less than 40k on the odometer....goes to every biker gathering in the his might rain, ya know....

    Family photos? He is all duded up in his leathers, doo rag, etc......

    He does everything he can to LOOK the part.....
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    Have you tried Bran Flakes yet Brian? They might help with that constipation:lol3
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    Prunes, baby! :lol3
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    Jesus Christ is this stupid thread still alive?
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    Exactly, "experience" on a cycle is like having an a-hole, everyone claims they have it. But relative to riding a cycle, few really do have experience. They just manage to survive. As to letting him try it on his own, I do. I let him attempt it twice, a swerve after passing between two cones three feet apart, and 13' from the obstacle, at about 15mph. He got my signal for the direction and "set up" the swerve by swinging wide the opposite way first so he could meander through. I have seen many riders over 23 years of teaching that think that is how you apply an evasive swerve action.

    To "meander" comfortably is not the point or technique, because for a quick/effective swerve as an evasive action, it does not allow the "setup" or time to wait for the bike to respond. In an evasive swerve, all the forms of body-steering/body lean/knee out/shoulder down delay the action significantly to mostly cause the rider to hit the obstacle, even at 15mph. Now try it at higher speeds and the reaction time of the bike/rider will not be effective.

    Once he actually tried at and felt the bike respond to his input, the light went on. I asked him, "do you feel you could quickly swerve to avoid a crash, if you hadn't attained this technique?" NO WAY he replied. I tell all my students whether you know it or not, you ARE and HAVE BEEN countersteering to some effect. The difference is now we'll learn and direct and assertive action that YOU control.

    Countersteering threads and oil threads always take on their own lives. Is there only one way to countersteer? Nope, there are many. But for the BEGINNER rider in the BRC we teach the most direct easily and quickly attained skill set that may help a rider avoid a crash. That is the first step to surviving on the road. I tell my students that there other ways to make a bike lean, hands at the grips (press/pull), footpeg pressure steering, knee into the tank, body position, but the basic skill of press is the easiest and most direct to learn in the context of a 16 hour BRC format.
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    Well-said, and spot-on.