Couple months in Mexico. Looking for suggestions.

Discussion in 'Americas' started by Jamie Z, Sep 23, 2020.

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    :lol3:lol3 That is a balloon which could not get rid of. WhenI got the google map on screen there was one showing over land , I tried nixing that ,but it showed up on the Gulf , then I tried nixing that ,and it kept moving about ,repeatedly so I quit .
    We have the same weather system moving through , about 10cm of snow here but not very cold nor windy and it looks like it could all melt before the weekend .It is on the map showing actually the same temp as you have down in KY.
    ( the birds are Jaumave and Cintalapa , but what birds ! :confused surprise ,surprise )
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    I don't want to derail Jamies thread as I believe he has what he needs now, but if there is a way to collect multiple maps and combine them, someone who knows how should start a thread and let us know. We just need to be strict about the notes because I don't want to end up driving to gringo burger! I don't use the map much, but it's great when going from point A to B, and checking to see what is nearby that I may be missing, but again I believe it would warrant a new thread rather than rambling here.
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    That could be done with Google My Maps. It's possible to add collaborators, or make it completely public, as this one is:

    Feel free to add POI if you'd like. Or delete, as you see fit. :lol3

    Anyway, I like your idea, and that's how it could be done.
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    Kentucky-Eastern that is!
    I cannot tell what is actually located at the many balloons-so hard for me to make suggestions (like you need any)?
    There's an nice small town called Delores Hidalgo I enjoyed for street food or sit down meals, home made ice cream and a museum. I went there twice! SB's weather comment is somewhat deceiving as parts of lower CA have a micro climate and can be very mild. I've woke up to ~ 22 degs F lately and snow's still there on the shady side of our hills. Our new metal roof is having mini-avalanches today.