Cross country trip cost planning

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    Thanks for all the advice everyone! Sorry I haven't replied back to anyone lately, but I've been quite busy. I had a big exam yesterday (which required day and night studying all week) and I wrecked my SV on the highway on Tuesday. I'm fine (thanks to always wearing full leather gear, even for commuting) and the bike doesn't need too much work done to it, but my mind's been elsewhere.

    I'll try to respond to a few of the posts.

    Willys, close encounters with bears can certainly get scary! You know, I've run into bears while camping twice... and both times were at paid sites. I always carry a gun with me when I travel (and stick to the states where my permits are good) and I will also carry some sort of pepper spray with me as well (as a first resort for a bear). This, of course, isn't foolproof, but it gives me peace of mind. I will also practice typical bear camp safety concerning food storage. Oh, and not stopping inside the gas station is great advice for saving money!

    Jamie, that's good to hear your food plans for your long trips. The way you do it is roughly how I have planned as well. Maybe my $20 per day will be overly generous!... However, that's also including some boozing on a few nights. Though, most likely, that will mean a few cans of beer by a campfire. lol

    City Man, that's definitely sage advice. I've found that on most things I do, I overpack, overplan, and underbudget!