Current consumption "--" on NAV VI (1250 GSA / TFT)

Discussion in 'GS Boxers' started by tentative_rider, Jun 18, 2019.

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    Saw one other thread on this, but just curious if anyone else is seeing this?

    I read thru the TFT section of the Rider manual and in the list of things to display on the TFT, current consumption is not mentioned.

    The NAV VI manual that came in my new sealed NAV VI box is just a quick start guide for Garmin functions (how to select a route, map updates, smartphone pairing etc...) which makes no mention of the integrated display functions available with wonder wheel, TFT. The pictures in even show the old 4 button BMW mount that was replaced by WW...

    I am guessing that for some reason the current consumption display is no longer supported by the bike and it's a legacy on the NAV display choices?

    I cannot remember if it worked on my 2016 GSA and NAV V.
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    Don't know about having current consumption displayed as a feed from NAV but you can have current consumption either displayed or one of the elements that you toggle thru based on the Trip data TFT source. I think it's selected thru Settings/Display Info
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    BMW told me current consumption disappeared when they got fuel level gauges. Current consumption is not an option anywhere that I can see on my 1250gs display. You're probably wondering if there is some error with your bike or Nav like I was. There is not. Change that option on your Nav to something else and forget about it.
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