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Discussion in 'Gear' started by fastring, Jun 3, 2020.

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    Material: This is older gear, not the current "mesh" nor "stretch" kevlar that is used in todays Cycle/motoport gear. See the label picture, its kevlar but not the same mix as todays. Its not mesh, not stretch, its kevlar something else.

    Item 1. Cycleport Jacket
    This is a well used cycleport jacket in faded hi-vis. Zippers and snaps all work. There is one tear in one front pocket, there are no tears in any of the main part of the jacket. Material per the tag is "Schoelier Kevlar, 1000 Denier Ultra Cordura, Nylon mesh". Has "three layer" armor. Size on tag is "L", pictures have some measurements to help with size. NO LINER. $125 shipped CONUS paypal friends and family. I bought these used off ebay just to get an idea of if I liked cycleport motoport stuff. I do, so I then bought some newer stuff. I am 6'4" and 195lbs athletic fit and this "fits. Could be a bit longer on sleeves and coat but fits.

    Item 2. Cycleport Pants
    This is a well used cycleport pants, black. I didnt take a picture of the label so wont say the material until I check. See pics for fit. I am 34 waist 36 inseam and these fit me: too short (probably 30-31 inseam and was loose, probably 36 waist? Lots of adjust-ability in the waist so they worked, I rode with them to get an idea if I like this sort of gear and I do, so I'm ordering custom made ones from motoport that fit me better but these "work". NO LINER. Has armor in the legs. $125 shipped CONUS paypal friends and family.

    Buy both for $250 shipped.

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