CZ175 bike - everday commuter

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    Very nice wrote up, yes these CZ are great bikes I recently rode also 175cc CZ trials version from 1963, the bike rebuild the engine is overhauled and too little bit tweaked especially carburetor, cylinder and exhaust.
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    Jeez, I have not been here for ages!
    Sorry folks, changed job, changed cars (more work on them than ever) and simply, writing long essays about the CZ was not a thing i could do at home or in the office.
    :D But now i work from home, so nobody cares if one of my monitors is ADV forum...

    Actually there's been quite some change!
    Laid my hands on a 1977 CZ175 477 model. That is the closes you can get here to the exported models that were sold in UK, USA, etc.
    I figured, that the 477 has different arrangement for crank seals and bearings, and generally were better made, so... when i saw one popping up not too far away i went and bought it.
    The idea was to keep the frame from the red 487 and dres it up as the older 477 model. tank, headlight, so on. Engine was to be refurbished, mated with the new crank and bored cyl from the 487 and e'voila, a running 477.

    And hear this,
    first time in ages i got pretty lucky with buying something off the interweb!
    I wanted to disassemble that engine (it looked a lot better than my battered 487) and use it in my legal frame. (legal as has documents).
    I noticed some green grease like thing in the bearing under the dynamo. Hm... odd. Took off the clutch cover: clean, dry, more green grease...
    Somebody in the turbulent history of the Polish Third Republic probably refurbished the engine and for the want of a drain plug never got around filling it with oil.

    Actually just lifted the engine out and dropped in the 487 frame, slapped on the new cylinder with new piston, installed the electronic ignition, got the wheels trued, and been using it ever since!
    Will tomorrow take some pictures.

    Took it apart last week to see why i get only 70-80km/h top speed and i suspect the 477's muffler. It's welded shut (I mean you can't unscrew the 8mm bolt and pull out the insides) so nobody knows what's inside. I'll try with the muffler from the 487. Also removed an airduct from inside the airbox. I was told by a guy who raced CZs that this is the best and quickest mod you can do. According to him, the metal tube restricted airflow. We'll see. Sure enough, 487 did not have restriction in airbox.

    Anyhow, the CZ lives on, it has changed appearance but otherwise it's fine! :)
    electronic ignition is still a charm, all electrics are new and good. And the yellow-green 477 clothing looks (for me) very cool. The tyre guy installed wider tyres (1 size wider than for 487) which gave me some issues when putting the wheels under the 477 mudguards. 477 has 2-3 sizes smaller rubbers. It's still tight fit, but the difference of the well trued and centered wheels on good rubbers is amazing.

    PS: almost fell on my face when first tested it. Gearbox is upside down, I mean the gears are. Lift your foot for 1st gear then stomp for 2nd 3rd 4th.
    It was weird when i was testing the gears on the bench, they did not feel right... But anyway, engine ran, let's ride it. As I stomped on it to get 1st and popped the clutch it almost stalled, I was like.... damn, this is barely moving, that's very weak...
    then i lifted into 2nd (into 1st in fact from 2nd) and almost went over the handlebars :D
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