D2D 2017 General Info and Comment Thread (Read The First Post)

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  1. HackyMoto

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    Oh it's you! Anchorage, Alaska 99507
    The Dick, what's the chance of getting this band for next years back ground sound at the biker games :dj

    [​IMG] :dj
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  2. dapman

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    I would also like to see the E&O Medicine Show make an appearance... I'm already starting to work on that!
  3. Ron71

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    Jun 26, 2017
    We are new to ADVRider and pretty much to adventure riding in general. Been in AK on Kodiak for the past 10+ years. My wife and I did Sturgis for 18 years. It was big, noisy, dirty, and profoundly expensive. People on GS's were derided by "Harley riders" who trailered there from wherever and rode in the last few miles.
    This was our first DtoD and we loved it! My son gave me a 2013 Triumph Explorer that my wife and I rode up from PA last summer. We put on 7500+ miles. Went the Klondike loop with a few side trips to Faro and Ross River, then on to Dawson. Wanted to tackle the Dempster but was told it would be very unwise for us two old people to try it two up ( I'm only 70!). When we got to the Dempster turn off the electric sign read "Road Closed due to wash outs" So I guess the saying that God looks out for children and idiots is true. We also rode into Eagle which in my humble estimation was a pretty good challenge (very wet, hard rain) for a newer adventure rider with little dirt experience two up.
    Anyway this year my son flew out to meet us in Anchorage. I gave him my KLR to ride and mom and I rode the Tiger up to the Arctic Circle and a ways beyond, then did DtoD. It was about the best time a dad and mom could ever have had together. Everyone we met was unique (in a good way) and very interesting and friendly. Nothing like being immersed in a big crowd of great folk who really love to ride!
    After falling a couple of times I think we are going to consider putting a hack on the Triumph. I can't sell it because it means too much coming from my son but it really is getting to be a bit much for an old fart that's only 5'6" with double knee replacements. I'll keep the KLR on two wheels as I can still handle that pretty well.
    Currently we live in Port Lions on Kodiak Island and keep our bikes in Kenai with a friend. Will be moving there as soon as we get our home here sold. So if any of you are praying folks - would appreciate you putting in a word to get our place sold so we can get relocated. Will be very much looking forward to riding with some of you in the Soldotna / Kenai areal!
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  4. bigjohnsd

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    Home in Spearfish, SD after some 7,000 miles.
    Thanks to all who put this on, will return.
    one month until the Great Trailer Rally begins one town East
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    Got home last Thursday after 19 days of riding. Had a blast, met some great people, stayed dry the whole time despite rain 16/19 days, learned to ride a little better. 12000km round trip. Now I've got to sort through 220GB of video and photos...

    Things I've learned:
    BC has the worst drivers
    AK has the most courteous drivers
    Gravel sucks on 90/10 tires, gravel is fun on 80/20 tires
    Chip seal eats tires
    Camping seems like less work than hotels... Bike is always 15' away!
    If you drop it, pick it up and keep going
    There's always someone around willing to help
    Road food always tastes great, regardless of miles driven
    Deer are unpredictable (kind of like BC drivers)
    The best days were unplanned, no set routing or destination.

    Anyone else following the IBR? I'm getting some ideas for seriously long rides...


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