Day trip out of perth

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    May 22, 2008
    Hi, I’d like to share some of the places I go for a quick blat. This day trip saw me meet up with my son at the Jarrahdale/Albany Hwy for his first off tar experience on the big bike.
    We headed over to Mt Dale and the hills east of there with the temperature still below 8c.

    CCEDC55F-216D-45BE-9DA5-C8CA1A667D37.jpeg 5D674D1E-AC6E-4F30-B4A4-C6D99652E85D.jpeg EDBB61A2-EA12-4D3F-92FC-2A8250BD50E1.jpeg
    Then we headed over towards York through the woodlands and turned south onto the farm roads to Brookton for lunch unaware of the taverns new winter hours so a quick detour to Pingelly for a counter meal was opted for.


    The afternoon saw us turn back into the forest west of Brookton/Pingelly to check out Boyagin rock and Luptons reserve (only 4 photos allowed sorry) then southeast through the rolling hills to Quinndanning.
    The days are still a bit short this time of year so while heading west back into the forest again to Hoffman’s mill we had to cut the trip short and head over to Dwellingup on a quicker route (the roo’s are healthy down here).
    After 500km on his first go my young bloke says ‘can’t wait for the next one’ :-)
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