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    Dec 1, 2012
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    Looking for the jacket I don't have. I do have good touring gear for on and off road. I have a good vented jacket for hot weather. I have a heated Gerbings jacket for cold weather. Now that the first cool morning is here, I'm thinking about the same thing I always think about this time of year: the right jacket for fall (and spring). Live in Northern Utah.

    Want something to commute in or do local day rides that is bomber length. Don't want tunic length. Temperatures from mid-40's in the morning to low 80's in afternoon so would have to have some zippered vents. Some water repellence is necessary but don't really need GoreTex. Decent armor. Preferably textile since I'll be donning and doffing multiple times a day going to and from work, to and from the gym, to and from the store, etc. Price in the $300 range, new.

    I have been looking and, frankly, there are just too many options. This is my attempt to narrow it down a bit.
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    If you are a small,this is a great deal,I bought one of their last large's and it seems to tick all the boxes for you.You would need a waterproof layer or overjacket,but lots of options out there.

    Either this,possibly from another source,or the regular Klim Apex would fit your needs and it is highly waterproof with great vents.

    Keep an eye on the flea market here,Klim and other jackets frequently available.

  3. shinyribs

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    Very happy with my Scorpion Yosemite jacket. Breathes well enough I've single track'd it on a 90 degree days, though it wouldn't be my first choice for that. Zips down air tight if needed. Removeable thermal layer and all that normal stuff

    Revzilla wanted something like $420 for it? But they price matched an Ebay listing I found for $360. A bit over your listed budget, but worth a look IMO.

    Good luck.
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    Gotta say I've never heard of an Autumn jacket? For most of us it's either mesh time or 3 -season jacket time or one in the a.m and the other after it heats up or the elevation changes a bunch. Layers are the answer IMO.
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    I understand you OP, because I always want a new jacket :)

    But, in order to offer a suggestion tell us what it is that your good on road touring gear doesn't do that you want it to do. To me, "good touring gear" means that I can wear it across a very wide range of weather; like, all of it. For most, this means Klim or similar. Yes, it's hot in the extreme heat, but mesh is no good for extreme heat either. That aside, my autumn jacket is the same as my summer jacket, but with the vents closed and a sweatshirt under it.
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    Use the electrics, if it gets too warm, take it off and stash it. If you just want a new jacket - happy hunting.
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