Del rio Tx Day Ride Routes

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    Apr 19, 2014
    Greetings, if you are thinking about making your way out to Big Bend Tx and want to get a break from HWY 90 here are a few day rides near Del Rio Tx. Some dirt roads included. Also I am new to using Base Camp so please don't bitch about my Icon use. Not everyone can be a master planner like ADVrider's CannonShot! Also some of you might be curious about the rules for riding on the boarder patrol roads in Texas. From my personal experience and talking to multiple Boarder patrol agents, you are legal to ride the roads just as long as you don't drive like a idiot or try to open any fences and trespass. Ranchers in Texas don't take kindly to that. I did get pulled over once by the Boarder patrol because someone called me in thinking I was breaking the law. The Agents just said hi and complemented me on my KTM 990.

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