Delaware to Canada and back: 10 days and 2-up

Discussion in 'Canada' started by riderchick, May 23, 2006.

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    Jan 30, 2006
    Hi all -- I posted the thread below in the East forum thinking my fellow Americans would jump at the chance to give advice and come along for a ride on a leg, but alas not so much.

    Willf650 & I are heading out June 3-11 for our first 2up multi-day adventure together. Schedule is flex after the first two days -- we're aiming for scenic routes and a little time walking around Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, but mainly seeing a small nibble of your country from the bike. Right now it looks like we'll be at Niagra 6/4, Toronto 6/5, Ottawa 6/6, Montreal 6/7 then back to the states to check out some roads in Vermont, New Hampshire & New York before heading home. So, if you'd like to play hooky from work and come for a ride with us around your town, drop me a PM.