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    The short version: This is the most dirtbag, cheapest aux lighting I've come up with that actually works. It has worked on a motorcycle riding on a pretty heavily wash boarded dirt road and 60+ mph on pavement.

    Total Cost, about $30 for two lights, spare batteries and mounting that can be switched out in a bout 2 minutes.



    In total those two items are about $20 with shipping. I spent about $10 on a couple 14500 batteries and a charger.

    More details:
    Headlight and flashlight reflecting.

    Headlight on high beam, the much brighter Rigid Aux lights (https://www.amazon.com/Rigid-Industries-20211-Dually-Floodlight/dp/B006H33ZEC) and the flashlight.

    So, overall you can see that the flashlight is about 300-400 lumens. I think my headlight is around 1000 lumens. The Rigid lights are 1568 lumens each. So, yes this seems kinda useless compared to the high beam Rigid lights.

    The reason I put the flashlight setup together is for driving/deer lights. The Rigid is only set up with my high beams (which I use a lot in deer country). Having the 2 flashlight setup as driving lights that are pointed much farther to the sides of the road, both give me slightly better visibility and light up the side of the road with just the low beam.

    It's also really nice to have something that didn't need to be wired in. If I need to take them off the handlebars it can be done in about 2 minutes and then I have nice, bright lights for anything else needed. I can put these on my mountain bike for dusk rides or on the other motorcycle, a 1969 Triumph. I would never want to wire in aux lights to the Triumph and this seems to be the best alternative for a bit more light.

    The brackets come with those orange inserts, which I've electrical taped in so they don't fall out when I'm pulling the flashlights.
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