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Dirtbiking through Laos > Cambodia > Vietnam

Discussion in 'Asia' started by Trousers, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. Trousers

    Trousers n00b

    Oct 25, 2015
    Currently Chiang Mai
    Hi all,

    Been browsing through this forum a bit and found answers to a lot of my questions but just wanted to ask straight out if what my wife and I want to do is possible.

    So we are currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and want to travel down Laos, East through Cambodia, and then from south to North of Vietnam and fly out of Hanoi. Tossing up pros and cons of different modes of transport we've settled on buying a couple of bikes for the trip.

    What we want to do: Our basic itinerary is get a bus or something from Chiang Mai to a crossing near Huay Xai border in the north of Laos (there's a monkey sanctuary or something there my wife wants to see), buy some bikes somewhere up in the north and from there we have a big hole in our itinerary but 30 days later end up at the bottom of Laos, head to Siam Reap in Cambodia, then East to Phnom Penh (again 30 days in Cambodia total), cross the border to Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, and then give ourselves another 30 days to go south to north and fly out of Hanoi.

    Questions we have: Is it possible to get one bike (one bike each that is) across the borders? From what we have researched you shouldn't have any troubles if the bike is Vietnamese registered, is this correct? Also it is very clear that its easiest to get something under 175cc and I'm fine with this. Will it be hard/impossible to find a couple of Vietnamese plated bikes in northern Laos?

    TL;DR version: Can you buy a bike (or two) and ride from Laos > Cambodia > Vietnam easily?

    Thanks guys for all your help!