DIY Cobra-type chain-oiler.

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    Apr 17, 2019
    Hello advrider-community! I want to share with you sheme of Cobra-type chain-oiler. We have them in ouer moto-forum in Bulgaria. The sizes are in milimeters and you can change them if you want to make it biger/smaller or to use O-seals with other sizes! You can make it from duraluminium, POM-material (polyamid) or other hard plastics. Oil-tube and nozles are the same,like in the every other oilers and are not so important now. The most imoprtant here is the idea! It works on this way: When you turn the upper tail with 1/4 turn,it commpress the air in air-chamber and you have oil dropped over the chain for several minutes. There is some video-clips in internet to see more of usage of this type of oilers. I think,this is one from the best ideas for oilers!

    Screenshot_20190304-194449.png Screenshot_20190304-194526.png Screenshot_20190304-194531.png Screenshot_20190304-194535.png Screenshot_20190304-194539.png Screenshot_20190304-194640.png
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