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    Mar 5, 2014
    hello everyone

    so ive built a front rack last season and since im rather happy with it im going to share this diy project with you all :-)

    why a front rack you ask?

    because the front end gets quite light if all the camping gear is towards the back of the bike so i tried to bring some stuff as far forward as possible.

    whats mounted and why:

    • a folding shovel (for fire holes and dewdew) (glock austria entrenching tool)

    • a folding saw (fire wood and log obstacles) (silky f180)

    • an axle wrench tire iron (motion pro)

    • an msr fuel bottle for my gas stove (want this as far away from clothes and bags as possible)

    • tarp and mosquito net go on the 2x4


    how it looks mounted to the triple tree clamps:

    thats all, i hope this helps spark some ideas for people out there :clap

    ps: here's a cool video of a beautiful diy rack I found on YouTube:

    all the best,

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