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    I still dont know why the OP didn't ride it home, now he wouldn't be crying like a bitch about his stupid letterbox, If I was the trucky I would have reversed into his house after his abuse :wink:

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    Crack me up!
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    Hey I have a story too. I had them haul a bike for me from Raleigh, NC to Las Vegas. I chose them because they had a $508 dealer to dealer special. When I first talked to them I asked if they could deliver by Aug 19. The answer was yes. They faxed me the contract and I signed. I also noted that there was no delivery date or commitment on the contract.

    I called several weeks later and was told they probably couldn't meet Aug 19 but didn't know the date. After a week of calling every day to get a delivery date I was finally told Aug 24. I decided to get my plane ticket for the 27th because I was paranoid. I didn't want to get there and have to wait for my bike. I even told them this during every conversation I had with them.

    I called on Aug 25 to check up. I was told the bike wouldn't be there until Aug 31st. Well I already purchased my plane ticket for the 27th (Friday). I was completely pissed. I called and let them have it. I talked to the supervisor and demanded they deduct my airfare. They had to listen to me vent for an hour. However, I didn't use profanity or do personal attacks. But the answer was always we are very sorry but we can't reimburse you.

    Then I searched for whatever frequent flyer points I had and managed to find another reasonable flight out on Aug 31st. I bought the ticket on Delta and got a year voucher on SW airlines for my first ticket.

    The next day (Aug 26) the receiving dealership in Las Vegas calls and says my bike arrived. GD, MF, SOB @#$%^&* :baldy

    In conclusion, I can't say that I will never use haulbikes again. Their upside is their price was good and they delivered the bike in good condition. The downside is they have little clue as to when they will deliver the bike.
    If you are just using them to start a trip like I did, give them 6 weeks after pickup to be safe. After you sign the contract, there is no telling where the driver is in his loop before he gets to your city to get your bike. Then it may stay in their central warehouse for 10 days. Then on delivery, there is no telling where in the driver's loop is your destination. I felt a little sorry for the woman I dealt with on the phone, because nobody at haulbikes could give her accurate delivery information and I the customer was breathing down her neck for that information so I could plan my trip. If you can part with your bike and plan early, haulbikes may still be a good option.

    Still had a great 3 week trip. Report coming in a few weeks.
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    um, trolls don't usuall have more than 250 posts. I'm just stating my opinion.

    I didn't say that he should eat my shit. Reread my post. I may have been a little too emphatic, but my point is that customer service is a lost art. If someone runs over my mailbox, I may get hot under the collar, particularly if they have an attitude.

    Giving respect is a two way street. If you damage someone's property, be a man and apologize.

    Meanwhile, please feel free to eat, or not eat, whatever you want.
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    Anyone know how the guy's TAT trip went?:lol3
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    When reading the original post I have a picture of a guy (the driver) trying to do his job and someone (the poster) who thru a fit because it wasn't done the way he thought it should be done. Even in his story there was never any doubt that the driver admitted fault and the company would take care of the damages. What did show was his clear outrage that the driver did something that the OP believed no reasonable person would find acceptable (lets not ignore the fact that many of us here disagreed and I'm sure at least one of us must be reasonable, at least one right?) and I find it impossible to believe that the OP did not share that with the driver. So we have one guy trying to do his job and another coming off as a foaming at the mouth nut and you think it's customer service? Sure you may be the kind of guy who can talk to anyone and make them happy. Not everyone can do so. There are reasons we decide to be drivers, mechs, and work construction. So?? don't be an ass. Just because you pay someone does not mean they are required to smile while someone is yelling nonsense at them. Get your therapy somewhere else.
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    After reading the first two pages and then going to the last page to post this I remembered why I rarely post anymore.