Do you suggest Garmin Quest ?

Discussion in 'GPS Tracks - Europe, Africa, & Middle East' started by AGIRABI, Apr 27, 2006.

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    You get the maps on CD or DVD when you buy the unit. After installing the mapsource software to your PC you can transfer the maps for the areas you need to the unit's built in memory.
    An alternative to the quest would be the Garmin 2610. These have been discontinued now and the last ones are being sold for silly money - as little as £190 in the UK. It's a slightly bigger unit, but the screens better and you can use standard CF card memory, rather than being restricted by the size of the internal memory.
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    I would sugest you the brand new Zumo 550, a great value for money.

    You can view all the details and pictures of my Zumo installation in my FJR 1300 AE at:

    Last year a friend of mine had serious memory troubles with his Quest 2 during our Austria Alps tour. He had to reset the GPS several time, loosing all routes and POI's.
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    I have the original Quest. It's a great little unit, especially for shorter trips and trail riding (nice and compact). The limitations of it have been discussed here already, but I thought I'd clarify a bit for black beast. It does not have the ability to store track logs or to follow tracks (called trak back in other Garmin models). You can load tracks into it, either generated on your computer or from other people. The other limitation is the lack of memory. With only 115kb, I can have maps for southern california and some maps of Baja and parts of northern Mexico (courtesy of Bicimapas) and that's about it. The Quest2 has all of north america (no mexico) already loaded and has an extra 115kb for you to load waypoints, lake maps, trail maps or things like mexico maps. Hope that helps!

    As for me, I'm going after a 276c because I like the larger screen and its ability to follow tracks and save them on the fly.
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    My Quest saves tracks of where I have been, it ony saves 1 track and fills up if you don't download it after every couple rides. I have used it a couple times when other people have taken me on rides and I wanted to see the route we took.
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    Stomp, I wanted to clarify one topic of your post. The Quest numbers you used are actually MB rather than KB.

    I would also offer that I have ridden from Denver to St. Johns, NL, without needing to reload the detail maps. That is not to say that I was able to load all of North America into the Quest, but I was able to use it effectively for detail of locations which I was going to need. For example, I loaded detail maps for places where I planned to stop each night and in areas where routing might be anticipated as helpful.

    I have to say that I am pleased with the Quest. It has proven to be durable for about 30,000 miles on the GS and at least 20 days (over 1,500 miles) on the KTM for off-road/desert riding.

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    works for me, had mine for 6-7 months, my first step up from garman etrex
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    Hi Guys,

    I went for a quest in the end, can anyone provide some feedback back on mounting ?

    Firstly, are the Touratech MVG mounts really required to protect the unit from vibration ?

    Also, I've also been looking at the TT combined power and audio lead, any feedback ? It looks like a cigarette attachment as the connection to the power lead, can anyone recommend a power socket that will take it ?
    I'm mounting on a KTM 950 btw which doesn't have accessory sockets already provided, so if anyone can provide any help here than much appreciated.

    Finally, thanks to everyone who took the time to provide feedback initially, for someone who is a gps virgin it really helped.

    Cheers guys,

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    You will lose data on the tracks saved internally, but the unit has more than enough memory for a very detailed daily track - you just have to have a PC handy to dunp it to,

    The screen is absolutely gorgeous - not only is it big with a very high resolution and color depth, Garmin put a working anti-glare coating on it. It's the first unit that I've had that is readable in direct sunlight no matter what the angle is.

    I've had mine for almost 3 years now with absolutely no regrets.