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  1. Roadracer_Al

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    Aug 5, 2007
    Oakland, CA
    All your bikes are belong to me.

    '90s nerd slang aside, I'll play along.

    1) KTM 1290 SuperDuke R. I tested one for 2 days, and it is, hands down the best bike I've ever ridden.
    2) KTM 1290 SuperDuke R... with all the suspension set up for my weight, slicks, no lights, ti exhaust... specifically to abuse at track days.
    3) KTM 1190R ADV ... full luggage, because I like to go places.
    4) Christini AWD 300 ... because ALL WHEEL DRIVE TWO STROKE! Hell yes.
    5) KTM 690 Enduro R ... with a set of rims for knobbies and a set of 17" rims for wall-to-wall inner-city hooliganism. I have an '08, and would love to upgrade to a new one.
    6) Aprilia SXV 550 ... for passing everyone and scaring the shit out of yourself at SuMo track days. I have one, and wouldn't trade it. Amauri tuned it -- 84 hp at the wheel, 240 lbs., it's a big stupid grin machine. Wish it wasn't so fragile, though.
    7) Some big fucking touring bike. You know, for when I get old and need to blast RL Burnside at 139 decibels around town because I'm deaf from riding AWD 2-strokes.

    OK, now for the nostalgia:
    8) '69 Yamaha DT 250 ... my first real bike was a '73 DT 125, which sucked. If I'm going to be a nostalgic wanker, might as well get the collectible one.
    9) '80 Suzuki GS1000S ... my first big bike, and probably my all-time favorite: drag racing, twisty racing, touring, it would do it all, and look utterly beautiful doing it. I balled mine up, and I'm still sad about it.
    10) '83 Suzuki Katana 1100 ... had one, it got stolen. Possibly the most polarizing MC design ever. I loved it. I'd want it mostly stock, if all the PipeBurn fucktards haven't sawed them up.

    Bonus classic bike picks --- If I can only have 10, I'd ditch the #7 BFTB.
    11) 1951 Imme R100 ... simply the most beautiful motorcycle ever, IMHO. I'd probably only use it for vintage rallies, but I'd look at it every day. It would make me happy.

    Oh, and a full-time mechanic that lives under the stairs and plays drums so I have someone to jam with at all times.
  2. Steve G.

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    Oct 30, 2004
    West is the Best

    Well, , you don't NEED even one bike. It's not your thread. Get 10 bikes, or go hack.

    Here's my 10 Dream Bike list:

    1] Brough Superior SS100 Alpine Sports.

    At a time when a "fast car" would do perhaps 45mph, this machine dominated the earth as the ultimate road going machine. T.E. Lawrence knew it, and owned several. Today, perhaps the most sought after of all motorcycles.

    2] MV Agusta 850 America.

    A helicopter company owner, Count Agusta, loved motorcycles and motorcycle racing. Therefore, he did what he wanted. My pick is perhaps the ultimate street legal example of his motorcycles. As well as being extremely sought after by collectors, it's also one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever made.

    3] BMW R90S.

    This, is the motorcycle that saved BMW Motorrad from either being sold off, or scrapped entirely, by the mother corp. As well, race pedigree, and great looks, a no brainer.

    4] Honda RC30.

    The first FIM Superbike, astounding race pedigree, highly desirable, noteworthy beautiful profile, and 26 years later, still an astounding street motorcycle.

    5] Ducati 916.

    Arguably the most beautiful motorcycle ever made. Astounding race pedigree.

    6] Norton 850 Commando.

    Rated MCN Best motorcycle of the year 5 times in a row. Race pedigree, classic English twin charm, noteworthy road handling, simply one of the classics of all time.

    7] Laverda Jota 1000.

    Race pedigree, rarity, great looks, robust build quality, one of the all time classics.

    8] 1980 BMW R80G/S

    The father of all adventure bikes, race pedigree, hey, who doesn't like an airhead.

    9] BSA Gold Star DBD34 Clubman

    The ultimate big single, the same machine has race pedigree in road racing, offroad, TT, and street riding.

    10] Vincent Rapide

    My personal pick for a Vincent, the engine should never have been painted black. A legend.
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  3. n8mandy

    n8mandy PadreN8

    Apr 7, 2013
    Santa Cruz Mountains
    I owned a 81 GS750, loved that bike... when it ran. It gave me all kinds of problems. Most of it's time with me it had a sidecar on it, but it was a lot of fun either with or without it's third wheel

    I've always been on the love side of the polarizing Katana, I think it is one of the most beautiful modern bikes made.
  4. Roadracer_Al

    Roadracer_Al louder, louder, louder!

    Aug 5, 2007
    Oakland, CA
    My GS1000s had a very frustrating failure - one of the spade terminals on the ignition coil was cracked, and in dry weather it would run OK, but with a high-RPM stumble which felt exactly like a lean stumble. In the rain, it would quit running on 2 cylinders. It was also a complete bastard to start in the cold. Took a year of rejetting the carb to find the electrical problem. A set of Andrews coils solved the problem, and it was thoroughly reliable after that.
  5. n8mandy

    n8mandy PadreN8

    Apr 7, 2013
    Santa Cruz Mountains
    By the way, I ride with an AMA club, the AV Riders, and I always wanted to get a 99% patch because I fall in both 99 percents.:rofl
  6. Roadracer_Al

    Roadracer_Al louder, louder, louder!

    Aug 5, 2007
    Oakland, CA
    I want a Guy Fawkes mask on my helmet.
  7. clarkzrx

    clarkzrx n00b

    Oct 1, 2014
    Sydney, Australia
    Haven't posted much on this forum but here goes.

    1. 99 copper Hayabusa.
    Ever since I laid eyes on one it was what I wanted.
    2. Gen 2 Hayabusa.
    For hyper touring top speed shenanigans and maybe put a turbo on it.
    3. DR 650/KLR650
    For some adventure stuff
    (If I don't buy one of these in the next year or so I'll buy a 400sm)
    4. DRZ400sm
    For the trip to and from work everyday. (Hopefully buy one in the next year or so)
    5. Triumph rocket 3.
    For taking the missus out and about.
    6. Ducati 916 senna.
    Wall ornament.
    7. 1100 katana.
    Wall ornament
    8. Tlr/sp2
    Always wanted a VTWIN
    9. The new Indian scout
    I just think it's the best looking American motorcycle ever built.
    10. ZRX1200R
    Completely blinged out had one and wrote it off was one of the most fun bikes I've ever owned.

    I haven't put my current ride of a ZX12r on the list as I haven't had it long enough to know if it's a dream bike. I've always thought they were cool so that's why I purchased it but yeh see how it goes.

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  8. Jimmy the Heater

    Jimmy the Heater Dirt Farmer

    Sep 8, 2004
    Eastern Washington State
    Ok...starting out. I would have organization. A place for everything and everything in its place.

    #1-Yamaha S10 ES- For those longer trips that have some dirt.

    #2 Triumph Trophy-For those sport touring trips without dirt.

    #3 KTM 350 EXC. I live on a farm and need a dirt bike to check fences and cows etc.

    #4 GSX-R 600. I love the sound of a perfectly tuned engine screaming its lungs out. Also for attacking the twisties.

    #5 Honda Grom. Because FUN!

    #6 Honda CB500X Loaner bike or possibly to convert using the Rally Raid kit.

    #7 Harley Dyna SuperGlide. Just out for a cruise officer. Harley with cornering clearance? WTF?

    #8 Honda CR500AF Supermoto. Because I might just need to scare myself silly.

    #9 Ducati 1098. Just look at it...beautiful.

    #10 Harley Tri Glide. For when I'm too old and crippled to ride anything with 2 wheels.
  9. n8mandy

    n8mandy PadreN8

    Apr 7, 2013
    Santa Cruz Mountains
  10. garyb57

    garyb57 Adventurer

    Nov 4, 2008
    Newport NC
    1975 kz 900
    1969 honda 750
    2015 triumph scrambler
    motoguzzi california
    victory vision
    harley ultra classic
    triumph tiger xc
    new indian scout
    mid 1940 harley flathead
  11. n8mandy

    n8mandy PadreN8

    Apr 7, 2013
    Santa Cruz Mountains
    So, as someone who really wants an older Moto Guzzi California (the cop bike style, not a cruiser) I have to ask which do you want, one of the older ones or a 1400? And which model?
  12. nickguzzi

    nickguzzi Long timer

    Feb 17, 2010
    below the sea
    I have a '79 guzzi, started life as a Sp1000, now has a LeMans engine and brakes and Marzzochi forks tuned by Maxton, as is the rear. I don't do the long holidays so much so I'd convert it to a California - I have quite a few of the dresser bits. Tarted up and use it for swanking around. Look for a Daytona engine for it?

    Works Manx Norton http://www.worksracing.co.uk/500cc_manx_road_engine.php Much lighter, not so powerful to go kill myself like some born again biker, but light and surgical and powerful enough for English back roads.

    Another old timer, a Metisse, probably a Matchless rather than a Triumph , I have seen a BSA Goldstar version too which looked cool. ABSAF make "new" Matchless CS85 engines in either 500 or 600ccs.

    Build myself one of the Dirt Ninja's as done so well by JDRocks. The long distance hauling my fat arse across Europe bike.

    A Greeves Anglian, you can get a new one http://www.greevesmotorcyclesltd.com/anglian.html pretty slow and very old school, so suitable the sorts of lanes and tracks we have round here. It will suit my complete lack of talent in the dirt.
    I'd look for some old "banana" forks though.

    A Vincent with a Hedingham sidecar. [​IMG]
    You may know the Ozzies who built the Vincent/Irwin that won the twins race at
    [​IMG]Daytona - one of them. Slightly less aggressive for touring with all our shit in France.

    Hedinham sidecars [​IMG]
    also make an off road sidecar, the ETH. I'll have one of them too please. Not sure what to fix it too, although years ago I saw a guzzi engine with a Wasp frame and sidecar at a rally in Italy. Looked great.

    I really fancy an old racing guzzi. A Bicylindrica would be fabulous, but a Gambalunga or Dondolino would do.

    I don't hanker after the Laverda 1200 I had, but the BSA which came after it was probably to most fun bike I ever owned. Maxed out at less than 50mph which it would not hold for long, exceeding rubbish brakes, but the side valve engine, rigid rear and girder forks were a hoot. You never came back from a ride without a huge grin. So a prewar rather than ex-WD M20.

    A late '50 Series 2 Eibar, the Spanish Lambretta. Lambretta entered a works team in the ISDT and they surprised many people by actually finishing. I have seen a replica with cut down legshield and knoblies - well I thought it looked cool.
    There is an Italian company turning out brand new billet engines making 50 hp, rather than the factory 8hp.

    I've never had a vehicle, bike, car or truck which stayed standard for long, so something for the weekend? Something simple to match my diminishing attention span?

    Send a very large cheque to: Nickguzzi, Fenland, UK.

    ps I'd like a clone of the workshop, and the wages for someone to keep it clean and tidy.
  13. Kommando

    Kommando Long timer

    Nov 28, 2006
    By the Great Lakes
    I don't know if I'd need 10.

    1. Tiger 800XC ABS. Fully decked out with suspension, armor, luggage and knobs. This would be my long-distance see-North America bike, 2up or solo. We're not big people, so we don't need a huge bike to be comfy, and I don't know that I'd want a bigger/heavier bike to deal with on dirt.

    2. KTM 500EXC. Set up with tuned suspension and big tank. This would be my solo exploring bike for closer to home.

    3. Triumph Scrambler in black or khaki green. I'd like it with upgraded suspension, armor, knobs, and performance upgrades. This would be my cruise-around-town ride.

    4. and 5. Two Suzuki DR650s. Drag them through Procycle. These would be simple RTW bikes for me and a travel partner.

    6. and 7. Two Honda Groms with 250 bigbore kits. For smaller riding friends.
  14. tjv

    tjv wannabe

    Jul 18, 2014
    die Hauptstadt
    Not in any order
    • A liter naked bike for commuting: Tuono, FZ1 or Speed Triple R
    • Supermoto: 690 SMC R or WR250X
    • Scooter: Vespa GTS300 or new the Honda Forza
    • A cruiser: Scout, Gunner or 883
    • For touring: FJR or GTR
    • For touring: new Africa Twin or Super Tenere
    • Moto Guzzi V7 II
    • Moto Guzzi Griso
    • Moto Guzzi Le Mans
    • Moto Guzzi Eldorado (new)
    Only one old bike! And would not say no to a Grom either, but not sure what I'd replace it on my list.
  15. n8mandy

    n8mandy PadreN8

    Apr 7, 2013
    Santa Cruz Mountains
    I think I gotta switch out the W650 for the new HD Spotster 1200 roadster because HD, it's just got that je ne se quois

    1. HD Sportster Roadster 1200, cuz that rumble

    2. CR500 Supermoto track bike.

    3. Vincent Black Shadow, uhhh, is any explanation needed.

    4. Suzi TW200, off road funbike

    5. KTM Freeride, adult off road funbike

    6. Ducati Multistrada, two words... Pikes Peak

    7. Big Bear Choppers Titanium, how the FXR would be built today if EB was still with the company and the bean counters left him alone. I'll take both fairings and removable bags please and thank you.

    8. Beemer R60 with Steib Sidecar, to get my side hack side on (I've owned two)

    9. Gasbox BMW R80, but make mine a jockey shift please :wink: http://www.pipeburn.com/home/<wbr>2014/06/25/83-bmw-r80-the-gas-<wbr>box.html

    10. Vespa GTS300, probably overkill, but I do want a classicly styled scoot
  16. Bar None

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    Mar 2, 2007
    "I find it an interesting intellectual exercise"
  17. n8mandy

    n8mandy PadreN8

    Apr 7, 2013
    Santa Cruz Mountains
    If you don't find it interesting, such is life. Different things interest different people. :dunno
    God bless you and keep the shiny side up. :ricky
  18. Hollywood9t

    Hollywood9t Adventurer

    Nov 23, 2014
    NE Wis-CON-son
    1) mv agusta f4 tamburini - for the livingroom, sexy!

    2) ktm 1190 adv, just a great all arounder

    3) vincent black shadow, yup just need one

    4) bmw r ninet, looks vintage without the maintenance

    5) Husqvarna 701 supermoto, great tear up the town bike

    6) Ducati sr4 monster, everyone needs to have one in the shed, great looking and great sounding

    7) ktm 690 enduro, scary power go anywhere

    8) tw200, never rode run but just looks fun!

    9) ural 2wdrive, just because

    10) vespa 2 stroke

    I will probably have to change the list tomorrow, but right now this is it
  19. SausageCreature

    SausageCreature Adventurer

    Oct 13, 2014
    Jacksonville, FL
    I think I have a reply in the other thread, but my choices have probably changed since then.

    1) Honda CB1100 - This would be my sunny Sunday morning bike.
    2) Honda RC51 - This would be my Satanic Saturday morning bike. The Hayden rep looks best.
    3) Suzuki GS750 - I'm fond of the old 70's & 80's GS bikes. The 750 was arguably the best, though others point to the 850's or 1100's
    4) Honda CB400F - Those waterfall exhaust headers :tb
    5) Triumph Rocket III Roadster - Believe it or not, Rockets are actually brilliant for two-up riding. I have a 2007 Classic, and it's so massive that it handles exactly the same whether my wife is on the back or not. I prefer the Roadster styling over that of the Classic or Touring models.
    6) Yamaha TW200 - Just for goofing around off road. Add a surfboard rack and it would be perfect to take to the beach.
    7) Yamaha FJR1300ES - Long distance touring.
    8) Triumph Speed Triple - I've always wanted one.

    Can't think of two others at the moment, so I'd probably just use the money to spruce up the garage itself. Proper tools, flat screen TV, stereo, fridge, etc.
  20. Conedodger

    Conedodger Wanna Ride

    Apr 12, 2011
    Upstate, NY
    Honda Nighthawk S - was my first and the collection would not be mine without one
    Honda RC30
    Honda RC45
    Honda RC51
    Yamaha RZ350 Roberts Edition
    Yamaha RD400 Custom build
    MV Agusta F4 Factory
    Ducati 1098
    Honda VFR800 - Current bike, great daily rider
    BMW K1600GTL - Trip bike for get aways with my honey
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