DRZ400 shock on the DR650

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    I have finished the machining and finally got it hooked up.


    My solution has some advantages and disadvantages, but I like what it does.
    The linkage fits onto the shock with the original rubber seals unmodified and does not require grinding down any bushings.
    The objective was to find a needle bearing narrow enough to fit into the 19mm wide linkage and still leave enough space for the rubber seals on each side.


    The only machining is done on the link arm, to 19mm thick as in my previous photos.
    If the metal is any thicker than 19mm when you add the rubber seals it will not fit into the shock bracket.

    Only two items required :

    1. TIMKEN or FAG bearing 24mm x 18mm x 12mm long.
    ( note - get the Timken # DL1812 which is a full complement bearing with more rollers / better load capacity than the caged one shown # HK1812 )
    The bearing I really wanted to find was a 24 x 17 x 12mm long.... it would take the original bushing if you ground it shorter from 30mm to 20.
    I found a Nachi but shortest is 15mm long, too wide for the stock seals.

    2. A press fit bushing from CarrLane: 18mm OD x 10.5 ID x 20mm long
    I got a couple for $5 ea from a distributor in Toronto , Century Tools.
    CarrLane item is # PM-18-20 and here is the catalogue:


    This 18mm bushing will squeeze through the 17mm rubber seal and is 2mm shorter than the shock mount gap so you don't need to grind it down.
    ( CarrLane has ' custom order ' and in stock bore sizes..... 10.5 mm was the closest in stock size to 10.0 mm at $5 each ..... if I wanted 10.01mm it would cost $42. I used .002" shim stock to snug up the bolt through the bore, just cut it with scissors in a long strip and roll it up.)


    This was a bit more complicated than using a 17mm bushing / needle bearing combo ( Nachi ) but has some advantages that I feel are worth it.
    The Nachi needle bearing in the photo would be a better fix....... if you can sort out the rubber seal clearance problems.

    All that's left to do now is install a stiffer shock spring, a new 10 inch x 2.5" x 7.1 kg/mm ( 400 lb/in ) Eibach or Hypercoil.
    Then we can check the sag. :thumb

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    Once upon a time, I replaced the lower shock bearing components on a 2006 WR450R and kept the old ones.

    Lo and behold, they are an exact fit into the narrowed DR linkage including seal, washers, pin and bearing.

    These are the parts that you need 13,14,15, 16


    Mine did a 5500km desert trip. It was still lubed with no apparent wear when I last checked it:clap

    You will need a couple of spacers either side at the top of the shock as it is narrower than the DR shock
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    I would like to know more about this, maybe WR450 year range. Who else has done this?