Ducati electric scooter - first look

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  1. voltsxamps

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    Mar 20, 2016
    +positively grounded-
    First look at Ducati’s new electric scooter – what do you think?

    Micah Toll - May. 17th 2019 1:14 pm ET

    Ducati recently announced a partnership with Vmoto to market a Ducati-branded electric scooter. The new scooter, which is based on a Super SOCO CUx, has now been unveiled.

    The new Ducati electric scooter was recently shown off at a press event. The scooter is definitely still a Super SOCO CUx, which we first spotted at the Milan Motorcycle Show last year.
    But it still doesn’t look like any other Super SOCO CUx I’ve seen. The Ducati branding might not push the electric scooter past its 45 km/h (28 mph) top speed, but it does make it the sportiest looking CUx to roll off the line.

    And according to MCN, the Ducati team at the MotoGP is already using the scooter to get around in the paddocks. Imagine, you could be riding the same scooter as Ducati’s race team.

    According to Super SOCO Spokesman Andy Fenwick:

    “We’re very excited to launch this special Ducati version of our CUx moped, a stunning representation of the Italian brand and helps to add even more credibility to the Soco range. The standard version has already been incredibly popular since its launch only two months ago so we’re looking forward to giving riders the chance to purchase this limited edition version.”

    Check out the press event below:


    I am not sure about the design choice. The graphics seem dated (circa 1985) and the color should have had ducati red instead of the tomato orange imo. As far as the hardware goes, it's reasonably quick and appears to have the chops to handle most urban commutes.
  2. ScottieDucati

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    Dec 9, 2011
    That uh, is Ducati Red now, at least for Corse colors. They’ve added orange so it photographs in HD better.
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  3. jas67

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    Oct 13, 2011
    Funny, first look at the picture of it, and I was thinking, that'll be a great paddock bike!