Ducati Multistrada 950 - Cyclops LED 2" Aurora lights (wiring)

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    Mar 3, 2011
    Hey all,

    My wife just traded in her old 650 for a pasta rocket, and decided on the 950 Multistrada spoke wheel edition in white, it's purty. Anyway... I just got these gorgeous 2" LED lights from Cyclops, got them mounted and all the wiring is run. They have the amber Daytime Running Lights, which works great, on and off with the bike, easy to wire.

    As for the 2000 lumen per side LED's in the center... I have a hitch... I would love to use this switch, it's the stock aux switch for the ducati aux lights (yes, I know I have to go to a dealer and have them turn the switch on for $60).

    I have accessed the wiring/plug for that switch on the left side, and separated the 4 wires. There is Red (power), Black (Ground), and Gray-Green (?), and Gray-Black (?). Anyone know which one I should connect the switched power wire to from my Cyclops kit? I can't multimeter till I pay Ducati to activate the button - otherwise I would.

    My question is, has anyone successfully been able to tap in to this wiring, and successfully use the stock aux-light switch with NON-Ducati aftermarket LED's? .... Or should I be scrapping that plan and either adding a switch, or going straight to high beams. In the meantime I have prepped the supplied wire so that it is cleanly ran up to the front of the bike and stowed for when I find the way I want to patch it in.

    If any other multistrada users have been able to patch in to this button and want to share some pro-tips that would be great. If this button isn't going to work out I might just run to the High beam, in that event I'd love some pro tims on where best to patch in to.