Ducati Riding Experience Enduro

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    Jun 19, 2008
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    Just came back from there DRE Enduro on the 1260 Multistrada Enduro in Sundance, Utah. Amazing and I can't express how fantastic it was! I will be doing a Vlog shortly and I'll post a link. Overall, we worked hard and played hard, just like the Italians like it!

    Morning Day #1 was basic skills, (slalom, circles, getting over obstacles, hill turn arounds, etc.) After lunch was training on trails that became harder as the day went on. All meals were first class and the resort was stellar!

    Day #2 was an all day adventure ride. Highway, twisties, back roads, gravel, fire roads, dirt roads, trails and more technical off road. Some pretty difficult stuff! (I have been riding dirt forever!)

    This was sort of an Italian version of the BMW school, I suppose. (Rawhyde or some such).

    The 1260 is fantastic! Seriously a different animal than the previous version. Very Offroad capable, but feels like a GS on road with the exception of larger front wheel, which I was glad for Offroad.

    No need to air down for Offroad. The new Pirreli's are amazing!

    I recommend this experience. Super awesome!
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