Ducati vs Triumph- Scrambler

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    I have 3 bikes made in Italy and have had two made in Thailand.

    My observation is it's really more about the individual product design and how the factories are run.

    On the Thai made bikes one was a Kawasaki KLR650, the other my new Triumph Bonneville T120. They are night and day in comparison.

    The KLR was a poor build very little fit right, bolt torques were all over the place, the rubber parts went bad very quickly.

    The T120 is built to a very high standard, everything fits right, so far the torques seem right, there was actually grease on the axles a first I've ever seen on a new bike.

    I have no complaints on my Italian bikes, kinda typical they barely grease anything like most Japanese and others, KTM included.

    Overall I think it's more about the particular factory and how the bike was designed rather than the location.
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    i'm 5'11" with a 32" inseam, so "ah feel yo' pain." the ducati "comfort seat" is not only more comfortable than the wretched stock one, it also sits higher, rendering more leg room & reach to the ground. highly recommended.