DWI banned from Canada?

Discussion in 'Americas' started by ridepjride, May 16, 2010.

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    What about if the record only says there was an arrest but the charges were dropped? Do you still get the 3rd degree and potentially sent home?
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    Have long since resigned myself to the fact that any trip to Alaska is going to involve an expensive ship-and-fly, or ferry trip from the continental US to Seward (or one of the other stops) that doesn't involve crossing Canadian terra firma.

    It's kind of troubling to think about not being able to see Banff/Jasper, or ride the Alaska hwy, or attend the D2D...ever...but apparently that's part of the cost of a misspent youth. Regrettably.

    It would be gratefully appreciated by many, I imagine, if some sort of system could be set up by which folks whose only goal is to pass through on their way to points Alaskan could be allowed to do so - but that's just wishful thinking, I guess.

    Oh well.

    Lots of places here in the states to ride to and through, though, thankfully.
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    Yep,I was planning a Alaska trip,got the passport,maps,1150GSA,and then started checking about what all I needed to cross the border with no problems,and then found out if you been in front of the Judge(DUI) your not crossing into Canada.
    Now I'm planning a month long trip to SD,MT,WY,CO,UT,AZ,NM should be just as fun.
    Hell,I didn't want to give them Canadians any of my money anyway..:lol3

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    many years ago[aka before 9/11]I was riding with a couple Americans and when we rode into the states they were given a hard time and I got across easy.A few day's later when we crossed back into Canada I had the problems and they got back in easily.Mostly though no problems either way.If you want to cross just take off your sunglasses,look at them in the eye and be polite.If they say no just ride somewhere else and maybe try again some other year.
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    It works the other way too.

    My Canadian cousin has a conviction for violating The Narcotic Control Act of Canada. His violation: posession of two joints. But at that time ANY violation of the Act was a felony. So since he is a "conviced felon" the Americans won't let him into the US. The Act has been long repealed but his ban lives on, a product of bureaucratic inertia.

    I told him to dress up like a kilo of cocaine and try our southern border :D

  6. markhdteck

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    Oct 21, 2007
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  7. msells

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    I would say you would be fine, in theory. The CBP/CBSA guys sometimes word their questions in, well, questionable ways: Have you ever been arrested? Ever have any trouble with the police? Have you ever been refused entry to Canada|USA? I haven't been asked these in a while but I'm not sure I would answer with: "Yes, 17 years ago in Sweetgrass, MT when I looked like trouble and had forgotten proof of citizenship I was turned away.".

    When filling out employment related paperwork this line of questioning is often asked more succinctly worded: "Have you been convicted of a crime for which you have not received a pardon?". I underline the words "convicted" and "pardon" and check the "no" box. Freaks 'em out every time... :evil :evil
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    Too bad our neighbors to the north weren't as diligent in keeping the REAL bad guys out ..........we'd still have the Twin Towers and a whole shit load of people.
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    Those guys DID NOT enter the US via the GREAT White North. :evil
    They were in your country taking flying lessons for quite a while prior to the attacks.
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    May 24, 2010
    I went to Montreal last summer and all I got was: :huh

    Do you have any vegetables?
    Do you have any Firearms?
    How long is your stay?
    Why are you coming to Canada?

    Thank you and enjoy your visit.:D

    Same on the way back.

    I don't know what kind of Watch list you guys are on where you are being refused entry and subjected to a body cavity search.:eek1
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    Mar 28, 2008
    You need to go back and look at the facts before to make inaccurate comments around the 9/11 events and read The national Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the US report

    "19 hijackers entered the United States a total of 33 times. They
    arrived through ten different airports, though more than half came in
    through Miami, JFK, or Newark. A visitor with a tourist visa was
    usually admitted for a stay of six months. All but two of the
    hijackers were admitted for such stays"

    The US were the ones that issued the Visas to these individuals not the Canadians.
    Unfortunately they were able to get into the states and kill many innocent people
    and change the way the people cross between two countries. We use to be able to
    cross the borders with just a drivers license until Homeland security required the
    use of passports.

    If you look at the cost subsequent to 9-11 the world has really changed.
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    and to be honest, i believe that's exactly what the enemy wants. 3000 deaths and few hundred millions USD that were lost in the 9/11 is nothing compared to endless hysteria and panic that followed, money lost due to slowing business, inconvenience at airports and everywhere, paranoia, billions spent on wars, soldiers killed, tourists that would come to US to spend vacation money but decide to go elsewhere because of hassle and so on.

    the more the government acts to limit the ability of the enemy to attack again, the happier they are! because that way, their actions reach 300 million people, not only 3000-5000 or any number that might be killed in a subsequent attack.
  13. guiseppe pussagetty

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    ...the law sorta won :huh Some years ago I was crossing the Canadian border on a skiing road trip w/ some friends where I got 'schooled' on Canadian law. After sitting for an impromptu court session I was given a conditional pass for that trip ONLY. Then I had to sign some documents giving up my rights to cross the border for 10 YEARS. This off course was after paying a few hundred bucks that allowed me to ask for the dispensation in the first place (with no guarantees). Fortunately I was wearing my lucky shirt that day and ski we did. I have recently crossed since with no issues.:freaky
  14. eakins

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    happened to me also. my dui was on a bicycle in college so a bui. :lol3
    canada wanted $200 lifetime pardon ie. legalized bribe to enter.
    didn't have much $ on that trip so we went to idaho instead.
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    i've witnessed some real pain at the border starting in 2006 when canadian customs finally got tied into the US database. families separated, groups separated, individuals turned away, whole groups turning around...the works.

    you know your own situation, but if you're with a group you better address the question in the planning stage. one group i ran into left a man at the border and continued on. they said they wouldn't have done that if he hadn't lied to them, and then lied to canadian customs about a felony conviction.
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    I still want to go to Alaska, but I will fly and rent a bike when I do.
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    I'd be interested in other's experience going through the Canadian "Deemed Rehabilitation" process at a border crossing. :deal
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    I have been going to China for about 10 years. I basically have to ask the Chinese embassy in DC for permission (VISA) to enter. It use to be once for every visit or two, but now I must be a "friend of China" because they issue me a unlimited visit VISA that is good for a year.

    I have to give them a new passport photo for every VISA.

    I make lots of border crossings between Taiwan, HK & the mainland, each time they scan my passport a list of all my border crossings along with all the photos pop up. They have more photos of me than my mom does. At least they do not fingerprint. Looks like we now do that to most that come here from other countries.

    One of my coworkers has an old DUI and never has trouble traveling anywhere in the world.

    The world is getting smaller and all information is getting linked. It is very scary.

    Don't get me started on the police car scanners we have here in Memphis
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    No worries whatsoever. I'll PM you
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    Leaving Canada to go down to Skagway AK....

    Extremely attractive Canadian border official: "Have a nice time in Skagway!" No questions asked

    Several hours after visiting Skagway and returning to same border official...

    She: "Didn't I just talk to you a few hours ago?
    Me: "Yep."
    She: "Do you have any guns, explosives, alcohol, contraband, or drugs of any sort?" (Apparently these things are all available in Skagway. I musta been looking in the wrong stores...
    Me: "No, can I buy them here?"

    In terms of comedy, I am a Legend in my Own Mind, apparently. The comely Canadian border agent did not have the same opinion and she gave me a lecture that was clearly ment to explain to me that to f#ck with her was to f#ck with death itself...:rofl :rofl