DWI banned from Canada?

Discussion in 'Americas' started by ridepjride, May 16, 2010.

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    I offer no humor. I smile. I listen closely. I answer only when the question has been completly asked. I think about my answer. I am clear and consise. I only answer the question, no extra fluff unless they initiate.

    I try to say thank you in their common language.

    Some can have a real stick up their ass.....some can be super nice. I'm sure it is a tough job.

    Every once in a while I will be finishing up a long, tough, business trip and while coming back into the US the agent will finish the interview with "Welcome home"

    Man......that can get to me. I almost choke up.
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    Jul 31, 2010
    Yeah screw Canada! I don't like most of our customs agents, or government employee's, and they know it. It all depends what language I am greeted in first lol.
  3. CJohn

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    Jun 19, 2006
    I was to Vancouver Island in 2006, and all I was asked was how long is your stay and why are you here Honeymoon I said.. Have a good time they said. Not sure what I would have said if they asked about criminal record.
    I have a misdermeaner on my record in the states and I guess that if its considered a felony in Canada they can deny you entrance also.
    I think the location of border crossing has a lot to do with how much they screen people coming in also. Like Vancouver Island is big in tourism so they may not be as strict as in country crossings.
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    I got hassled by our own CDN border officials as I crossed back into Canada from NY state --- problem was because my bike was covered in mud. They were concerned that I was "importing" mud from the US -- which might be contaminated with some bacteria or parasite that could be transmitted to / infect Canadian agricultural crops. After 10 minutes of listening to their lecture, they let me back in. But said that next time they'd force me to wash my bike before crossing the border.
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    Recent update, the 8 y.o. (now 10) is now on a list of people who are not allowed to enter the U.S. because he stepped outside the interview room to get a soda from the vending machine beside the door... period. End of story.
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    Normally I follow Scott's advice...pleasant, clear, concise, etc, etc. Not sure what got into me.:rofl
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    Will someone in the know please clarify here whether this is a problem only for DUI (or other driving) convictions, or whether it extends to any other misdemeanor charge or conviction.


    If it's only an issue with DUI's, I'm doin' Labrador next year! If it's farther-reaching than that, then I might be doing Labrador next year. :bluduh
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    You will have problems entering Canada for ANY offense that resulted in an arrest. I was refused entry in June (after riding to the border 800 miles) for an old "failure to appear" for a dog at large summons that happened in 1982. Last week I brought them court records showing I had paid my $$25.00 fine (in 1982), but they refused me entry again because the records don't show the results of the "failure to appear". They assume that it was a separate criminal charge with appropriate fine or punishment.
    I suggest you do a criminal background check on yourself and see what's out there. Your state "Bureau of Investigation" probably has a web site that will allow you search on yourself.
    Good luck.
    I recently met a guy who was refused entry because of a 30 year old restraining order from an EX-wife.
    This situation has gotten ludicrous. :deal