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Discussion in 'GPS Tracks - Mexico, Central & South America' started by pepetrueba, Sep 28, 2018.

  1. cchristo

    cchristo Adventurer

    Dec 3, 2014
    San Antonio, TX
    This release is exciting. I gave up dedicated GPS devices years ago in favor of phone nav systems. My go to off-road nav app has been MotionX GPS for almost as long as it's been out. It has limitations, and the company doesn't really support or update it any more. That being said, it's been dependable, I trust it, and I've become very good at using it.

    Hopefully, @Omarin is still monitoring this thread and can take the time to talk about the following questions. I've been looking on the E32 website but I'm unable to find these answers.
    • About map tile downloading; is it 100km at a time or can I download a 100km radius, and then download another? Will the second download overwrite the 1st download?
    • I like the idea of being able to download a swath along a predetermined path or route, but have you considered allowing other download area shapes? Specifically a rectangle or oval? The circle forces me to download a huge number of tiles I don't need or want.
    • How many separate routes/tracks will it allow?
    • Is there a resolution limit on uploaded GPX tracks?
    • Is there a waypoint and/or POI limit?
  2. The Fist

    The Fist Knulp

    Mar 14, 2003
    Dolores, CO
    Just wanted to say that I bought the GPS version of the mapset and initially had some difficulty with the computer recognizing my aged Rino 530.

    Omar has been fantastic in helping me get this figured out via email. His customer service is top notch.

    Thanks Omar!