Eastern Europe with iphone/android GPS?

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  1. swaan

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    May 4, 2010

    I am l planning on getting a smartphone for my Eastern Europe trip as they provide excellent value - gps, web, email, translators, pfds (repair manual). Both the iPhone and android phones have numerous GPS applications which I thought that I could use. Sure, I'd need to weatherproof the thing.

    I am looking for small roads and rivers, no fancy 3D. I can plan routes on the fly as I don't don't need to reach certain spots.
    You see, I don't like pavement that much..

    Just checked android apps and none appeared to have much of Romania or Bulgaria on them :/

    Is there an application that would suit my needs or do I need to forget the smartphone for a while and get a dedicated GPS instead?
    Any experiences and tips to share for smartphone GPS assisted are also more than welcome :)