Eastern Oregon Desert Tracks....PLEASE

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    Oh, I know how to find gas. My comment was more about relying on a paper map, even one as good as the Benchmark series, to do route planning. quasi_inrem will be a long way from home and I'm sure he knows there is no substitute for local knowledge, which is why he posted here. I sure wouldn't plan a dual sport ride in the eastern time zone without some local help.

    I actually thought it was farther between Christmas Valley and Jordan Valley than it is. Most dual sport bikes can probably get that far with only a quick jaunt up to Burns for a fill up.

    There use to be gas in Crane at the restaurant/bar but they were closed last fall when we were there. Gas in Frenchglen is very intermittant and not likely to be very fresh. There is gas at Rome, so even the smallest tanks should be able to get that far.

    I'm sure quasi_inrem has his shit together, but sometimes folks who haven't spent much time out west don't realize the scale of the western deserts. Harney County is about 10K square miles with around 9K folks living in it, most of those in Burns and Hines. It's pretty empty out there!

    My wife and I are planning a week or two between Fields, Cedarville, Gerlach and McDermitt this summer, so I'm checking out routes and gas myself. Beautiful country. Looking forward to the Steens Mtn Loop.

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    Yeah, you are right, though. There is not information on fuel stops in the books. I used other sources for that, and we are moving with extra fuel with us. I thought you were more concerned about the routes. I used mapsource and the web in general to make sure that we would be getting to fuel stops in time, or have the proper provisions with us to deal with it. Mapsource City Navigator gives you that information, but I would suggest double checking because I did find a coupld of discrepencies.
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    The last time I was through Alkali Lake there isn't a store or gas station there anymore. I know for a fact that when I was a kid we stopped at a store there and bought gas, but now it looks like it is a private residence. The only other thing there these days is a highway maintenance yard.

    I also ended up in Frenchglen when the gas pumps had been turned off for the day...luckily there is a RV place/store/cafe up at The Narrows north of Frenchglen that has pumps and seems to keep nearly regular hours of operation. However, the prices were so high I bought just enough to get into Burns then filled up.
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    We go through there on Mex2Can. Gas in Denio Jct, Fields station, and Narrows, Frenchglen was closed last August. We also get lunch and Gas in Diamond but must call ahead.
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    Don't count on gas at Denio or Frenchglen without a prior phone call to see if they are still operating. With the craziness with fuel prices, these remote stations may not be able to get serviced from the wholsalers (or want to).

    Boney's guidance about web searches and phone calls is spot on. Don't trust the books and databases and I would'nt trust hearsay either. It's too easy to do the research and call.

    The folks who run the gas/store/motel at Fields Station are friends of riders and really great people. Treat them right. They are a resource to nurture. Make a good burger and shake too.
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    +1 on that right there. :thumb
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    New intel attached.

    As always, call ahead. And yeah, the shakes in Fields ROCK! Also, they'll let you camp in the willows across the street, and there's some decent camping north on East Steens Rd.

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