Eastern Vstrom Rally.....Stecoah, NC...May 14 - May 17, 2020

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    Guess it's time again to start planning (or, at least dreaming??) about next year's 18th Annual Eastern Vstrom Rally/Gathering......May 14 thru May 17, 2020. As of this posting, the Venue will again be The Iron Horse Campground/Lodge in Stecoah, NC ……...just like the previous dozen or so years. Last year, we saw (and met) the New Owners of The Iron Horse.....along with some facility changes from previous years. Some changes were viewed as "positive", some were not well received. "Change", in itself, may not always be received as a "good thing"...….but is almost inevitable in today's world. Until someone comes up with a better location which can accommodate 100 attendees (a mix of tent campers, cabin campers, bunkhouse campers, and RV pullers), can feed us Breakfast and Supper each day, and has a Conditioned Lodge/Meeting Hall for nightly Group Gatherings.....PLUS, is close to some of the best riding roads in NC/Tenn/Ga, then we will stay at The Iron Horse again in May.

    Member "Stalky Tracker" (Roy) has already redesigned the rally website for next year's rally...…check it out for last year's photos, an up-to-date 2020 attendee list, maps of the area, and general Rally information. Stalky keeps it up to date, and it is well organized...….KUDOS to Stalky!! As usual, we need volunteers to help with the Rally: speakers, topics of discussion, events??, anything to make the rally better than last years...….and previous years!! (a hard act to follow sometimes).

    Costs...….."zero" costs to attend the rally.... you pay for your meals and lodging yourself to The Iron Horse (or, wherever you end up staying), plus you can purchase a Rally Tshirt if you order one ahead of time.
    Meals...….most folks eat Breakfast and Supper at the Iron Horse....pay them when you check in. Lunch...…..you are on your own (no lunch served)....everyone is out riding at noontime anyway.
    Rally Organizers......mark444 (Moto-Kafe), Stalky Tracker (Roy), and Prowler (Les Powell)

    "Watch" this thread after the first of the year to see what ideas are taking place for the rally. ALSO...…..the Iron Horse I holding all rooms until January 15 for Vstrom attendees to make their Reservations. After that date, they open the facility up for other groups/individuals to rent rooms/cabins/etc. If you are not a tent camper (no reservation required), call the Iron Horse before someone else claims your "inside" sleeping spot!!

    mark444 (1 of 3 sacrificial scapegoats = organizers)
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