Easy ADV bike lanes around Bristol/Wiltshire?

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  1. BristolDSer

    BristolDSer Brit riding a KTM 1050 Adventure

    Jul 5, 2015
    After some local routes in the Bristol area that I can hook up some B-roads with some very light offroad.

    I'm on a 1050 Adventure with 95/5 tyres, so won't be going on wet grass/mud... Been years since I did any green laning, but seem to remember the fosseway was mostly gravel.

    So just looking for some very friendly byways to see how my bike handles on unsurfaced roads.
  2. Plattypus

    Plattypus ADV wannabe

    May 23, 2013
    Hello mate! I'm also in Bristol - no doubt you've already thought about joining the TRF, but if you like I might be able to show you around some local trails once things open up again. I'm recovering from a broken leg so when I am out and about again I'll be sticking to gentle things to begin with anyway! If you haven't yet, you might also consider joining the Bristol Adventure and Trail Bike Collective facebook group, they seem like a lovely bunch and I'm sure they'd be welcoming. I'm a month or two away from being ready for it, but do message me if you fancy doing some exploring :)