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    Hello fellow riders-
    Just a wanted to briefly share our experience as rode down from Colombia through Ecuador.
    Firstly the border coming from Ipiales Colombia into Ecuador was collapsing due to the Venezuelan crisis. It took 8 hours of chaos to get thru, with little to no direction.
    Second, we were disappointed when we reached Volcán Cotopaxi, they would no longer allow motorcycles up the 25km dirt road towards the snow pack, near the refuge park. Apparently they think we are scaring the animals, whilst they are still allowing large smoking diesel vans and buses .
    Major bummer, they insist you pay 25$/person to ride with them in a beat up old pick up. Buzz kill - no thanks!
    Lastly as we went to exit into Peru , we were stopped at a checkpoint near Macara. We were asked for the bike documents for entering Ecuador, well back when passed with all the Venezuelans, we were told that the type of stamp in our passport was clearing us and our bikes. This was clearly a pitfall and a major lesson, the bikes have been impounded for 5 days in Catamayo by Aduana. We are hopeful that today after much patience and efforts are bikes will be released for 225$ clearing the fine and we will be on our way!!!
    Sharing all of this in hopes of helping at least one person avoid the let down and struggles that we found in Ecuador, that being said there are many great sites here to be had.
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    Hello from Quito, we took a small border crossing at San Miguel. 4 Bikes cleared out and in within 1.5h, less than 25min per bike... easy going... about the TIP... lesson learned I guess.... never go without...
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