Ecuadorean Visa and TIP Renewal

Discussion in 'Latin America' started by ADVegan, May 19, 2019.

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    I just want to make sure I am doing this right! Hoping someone can confirm that this is possible?

    We ride into Ecuador from Colombia tomorrow, intend to get 90 day visa and 90 day bike permit.

    On May 24th, we are flying out of Quito and storing the bike with Freedomriders rental. (Uses 5 days)

    We will return to Ecuador August 5th. (Bike will have been there 78 days)

    We will still have about 85 days valid on our tourist visa, (that's how that works, right?) so I'm hoping I can renew the bike importation paperwork to match that time remaining. I read that was possible to renew the importation permit as long as I still had a valid visa, but I didn't read WHERE that can be done. In Quito, or drive back to the border?

    Thanks for any advice, Ecuador seems a little more strict than the standard border-run renewals available in other Latin American countries.
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    When entering most countries in South America, you go to Migrations first and ask for the longest tourist visa. Then when you go to the customs (Aduana) you should be able to get a similar time on your TVIP. They will NEVER give you a TVIP longer than your tourist visa. It doesn't make sense.

    They do not give you a longer TVIP so that you can leave the country,
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    Cant help with paper work, but I live in Quito if you want to grab a beer!
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    Never say never, Argentina gave us an eight month TVIP for our bikes with our three month tourist visa.
    Allowed us to leave them and return before they expired.
    Just had to ask nicely....
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    Hi ADVegan, this was our experience in Ecuador. I also assume you mean you have the "standard" tourist permit as opposed to a visa which may have different rules.

    We left our motorcycle in Ecuador whilst we returned home to the UK for a short visit. On returning to Ecuador we were given the remainder of our ninety days on our tourist permits.

    After extending our tourist permits I extended the TIP for the bike at Aduana near Quito airport. No need to go back to the border. Aduana gave us a time which matched the time on our extended tourist permits.

    In response to charapa regarding the length of TVIP. We recently (about six weeks ago) entered Bolivia from Argentina and were given 30 days tourist permit. Even after asking (we have good enough Spanish) we could not get more. However, aduana gave me 180 days for the bike. No idea why as it's not possible for me to stay more than 90 days in total even after a couple of tourist permit extensions. We also know a couple who were given 12 months for their vehicle in Peru when it's not possible for them to stay that long.

    Steve RTW currently in Bolivia
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    Hi ADVegan, How did the experience go leaving your bike in Ecuador? We are looking into riding into Ecuador next summer, leaving our bikes there for a couple months, and going back to ride some more. Can I pick your brain about your experience? It says you live in Pacific Northwest. We live in Bellingham. Are you anywhere near us? How did you get your bikes to and from SA? We are looking at riding the Stahlratte to Columbia in May, but don't have a good way to get them home. Would love to hear about your experience. Thanks! Reisa
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    Is Ipiales an option?

    Greetz Pummel
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    "No idea why as it's not possible for me to stay more than 90 days in total even after a couple of tourist permit extensions. We also know a couple who were given 12 months for their vehicle in Peru when it's not possible for them stay longer,"

    It makes it better for fly and ride, longer TVIP, means you can fly back and forth and enjoy more of the country without worrying about a expired vehicle permit. I was never asked about my moto being left while flying back and returning. Even Panama where they put it on my passport, as long as I did not let my TVIP expire. I think Peru is the toughest with possible confiscation, while Chile has the highest fines. DON'T LET YOUR TVIP EXPIRE,