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    Hello Africa, Mid-East and Worldwide Adv'ers! Desperately seeking information regarding general and motorcycle travel in Egypt 2013.

    I am aware of the Pharoan's Rally and the current press releases stating that the conditions are secure and the rally will go on... this gives me hope.

    I will be relocating to Egypt in late September 2013.

    My significant other has taken a 2 year teaching contract in New Cairo, Egypt for 2013 & 2014. My current employment will allow for me to spend 6 months abroad each year while staying employed. :clap

    So my thoughts immediately turn to all things ADV... how to get a bike? Either get one of mine over to Egypt safely -or- where to buy one in Egypt? Or is there a smart other country to find a bike and then ride it/ferry it into Egypt?

    Any info at all is greatly appreciated whether motorcycle or general Egypt related.

    Cheers! :freaky
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    what kind of bike you are looking for anyway i think you would really be better of by getting yours here it might cost u more bec of customs and transport but i am sure watever bike u decide u bring along will be better still than here.
    mostly bikes over here are yamaha and honda mostly old models from year pre 1990 but still u can find 2003 xr here as well but nothing that in pretty good shape. and forget ktm
    some prices as i am currently looking for a bike
    2003 xr 650 L $4200
    1999 yamaha ttr600e $2600
    2002 ktm 640 adventure (32000 miles) $5000 there is only 3 in egypt for sale
    1999 nx650 dominator $2200

    as for mechanics i think anyone who can read english and understand some basic mechanics is far much better than any mechanic here. if u go to a mechanic he will probably fix ur issue but most certainly without knowing he will cause something else to break

    on the other hand if u are looking for sports bike there are plenty here in egypt mostly honda though some are in pretty good shape usually these are imported.

    have a look here at this site of motorcycle listed for sale so u can have an idea

    maybe if u r bringing a bike here i can tell u some freight companies who can handle shipping.
    i might also be interested in sharing the transport money if u are willing to get me a bike as well :D
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    I am guessing you are an American, so I am advising you consider going elsewhere!
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    I am guessing you already re-located by now, so no need to say much about the security situation. All I can say is that it has significantly improved and this is the safest period of time since 2011, when the revolution started.

    As for bikes, buying a bike abroad and shipping it to Egypt might be a little bit cheaper, but by the time you clear it from customs, the effort and time is not worth it. You can buy any kind of bike you want in Egypt, new or used, you just need to know where to look. I bought three used bikes till now since 2010, all were great deals (Kawasaki z750 06', CBR 1000rr 08', KTM 530 EXC 11').

    Hope that helps, and drop me a message if you need help finding a bike.

    I am Egyptian btw...