Einasleigh 2021 NQ Adv Riders Christmas in July Ride

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    Following on from last years successful Einasleigh NQ Adventure Riders Xmas in July Ride it was once again held in July. As this was just two weeks before the delayed Tenere Tragics ride I had arranged to have 4 weeks off starting with the Einasleigh ride. Further lockdowns in NSW caused the Tragics ride to be postponed :( until October so I cancelled most of my leave. I did keep a week for the Einasleigh Ride as I was hoping to head further north after the event for some more riding and to catch up with a mate that lives in Cairns.

    There was some changes this year as camping was no longer permitted at the pub so riders had to source alternative camping or accommodation at the caravan park or free camp outside of town. This meant that the group of riders were split up however we would all be together at the pub Sat night for a feed and a few beers.

    The publicans have only just celebrated their first year of operation and it was great to see some of the improvements that they had made whist continuing to provide the riders with a good meal and plenty of cold beverages. The expanded tiled area at the side provided more space for us to sit and yarn as we caught up with fellow riders who we had not seen since last year. The bathroom upstairs had also received some attention.:clap

    Whilst the main event was Saturday night many of the riders arrived Friday and participated in a local ride and some sightseeing around the Forsayth area. Whilst I would have liked to have done this too it was my wife’s :babebirthday so knowing where my priorities lay I didn’t leave until Saturday morning after celebrating her birthday at the local Birdcage Hotel Friday night.

    Saturday 17/7/21 Opening Odo 24442 693Kms

    It was a brisk 6 degrees :vardy when I got up Sat morning, so I donned my thermals and made a casual start at around 8.30. I topped up with fuel at Muttaburra and made my way north to Hughenden where I again refuelled and had a snack before heading up the Lynd to the Oasis Roadhouse. Here I was having a late lunch when a few other riders arrived - also heading to Einasleigh. I followed one of these groups into Einasleigh and checked in at the Pub at around 4.00pm where lo and behold Phil was waiting for me with a beer in hand :beer. Phil and I had arranged to share a room so after some initial beers and catching up with friends old and new I took my gear up to our room, had a quick shower and changed clothes in preparation for the night to come.

    It was great to catch up with everyone including

    · Paul and Wife Karen who had ridden up from Mt Isa,

    · Kezza and Eamonn from Cairns,

    · Graham and Di his wife who had ridden two up form Townsville on his mighty Beemer.

    · Rex who was like me was mounted on a Tenere 700

    · Dale on his Husky 701

    · Denis who was actually camping with his wife at Lake Dunn and had joined us for the weekend

    · Jamie on his BMW

    · David on his Vstrom (where was the mighty DR?) :dunno

    · Ken on his KTM and Linda on her Ducati road bike

    · And many more .

    During the course of the night I mentioned my riding plans to a few of the Cairns group and by nights end had arranged to join Kezza and his riding group for the return trip to Cairns.:ricky

    Sunday 18/7/21 600kms

    With the riders spread out the traditional photo shoot outside the pub didn’t happen so after a continental breakfast :*sip* I farewelled Phil :wavewho would return to the Towers and joined the Cairns riders around at the caravan park. It was a relatively late start when we finally got going firstly to the oasis to refuel then up the Lynd before turning right on to the Valley of Lagoons Road.

    There were multiple groups using this road on their way home and at one water crossing (the head of the Burdekin I believe) I stopped and snapped a few pictures of the riders as they came through. It was interesting to see some of the different approaches :hmmmmm from hit it, to a cautious entry then gunning it out to a more sedate choosing the line where the water was shallowest. They all worked and no one fell off although a few got wet as you can see in the pictures.

    At the Gunnawarra intersection our group split up with some heading directly north on Gunnawarra Rd whilst the others would head further east along the Blencoe Falls Road, I chose the latter group so it was Kezza, Uta, Jim and myself that went this way.

    I had been to the falls before so didn’t make the journey in again but stopped at the camping area and again at the Kirrima Range lookout to take a few more pictures.

    It was dark as we finally got into Cairns and after bidding our farewells at the edge of town I took out the phone in search of accommodation as I hadn’t taken Eamonn up on his offer for a bed. The first 4 places I tried on the phone were all booked out :beccaexcept one who wanted to charge $229 for one night in a cabin despite their normal price being $127 or thereabouts. :dirtdog (Apparently it was this price due to the Cairns show). In the end I found one that had a vacancy so continued on into the city to find it in Sheridan Street.

    I had no sooner unloaded the bike when Eamonn rang to see how I had fared. I advised him that everything had worked out OK and that I was going to try and catch up with another mate and would ring him back with my plans.

    As it turned out my mate was working the next day so we arranged get together after he had finished work.

    With this sorted I then contacted Eamonn again and arranged to stay with him the following night as well as offered to travel with him the next day to pick up his new bike – a Honda CB500X.

    Dinner that night at the recommendation of the motel owner was the Cock and Bull restaurant and the steak meal did not disappoint. :thumbup

    Monday 19/7/21

    Following Eamonns directions I made my way across town to Eamonn’s house. After breakkie of avocado and bacon that Eamonn whipped up we jumped in his car and made our way to Innisfail where we would be picking up his bike.:thumb

    With the deal :dealcompleted it was back in the car following Eamonn on his new bike all the way back to Cairns stopping only to top up the fuel in the bike and to have the lunch time special at Fishers Falls Hotel.

    Once home Eamonn went to work on the new bike changing the oil and filter and giving it a thorough check over as on the way down we had agreed to go for a bit of a ride the following day with Eamonn acting as the tour guide.

    We had not long finished when Gordon my mate rang and arranged to meet us at the house. I couldn’t believe it when I introduced them to each other that they realized that they had met before in their respective roles whilst working – small world hey!

    Tuesday 20/7/21 293kms

    Up with the sparrows we had a light breakkie and a cuppa :*sip* before mounting our bikes heading towards Port Douglas along the coast. We then turned inland up the Rex Range and on to Mt Molloy where we stopped for a cuppa before continuing on in a circuitous loop skirting Mareeba and taking in the road around Tinaroo Dam before riding the the Gillies Range into Gordonvale then home. Along the way we stopped at a number of lookouts, the Cathedral Fig Tree and of course the Tinaroo Dam wall and spillway.:super

    After lunch we headed off to Baron Gorge and hydo plant and lake placid before making it back it time to view the Australian Armour & Artillery Museum Cairns :thumb. Dinner that night was at the Trinity Bay Tavern where we enjoyed a great meal on the deck overlooking the ocean :jkam. I couldn’t resist skyping my wife and showing her the view.

    That night I perused my maps looking at options for my return trip home.:cromag Whilst all would have been good I would have had to add additional fuel to make it safely so in the end I decided I would leave them for another time and simply return home the shortest way possible.

    Wednesday 21/7/21

    After bidding farewell to Eamonn :wave and thanking him for hospitality and his prowess as a motorcycle tour guide I left at 7.00am making my way home via the Kuranda Range to Atherton. At Atherton I got off the main highway on to Herberton and the Herberton Range. I then then took the Silver Valley Rd which came out just before Innot Springs on the way to Mt Garnet where I refuelled and had a bacon and egg burger for breakkie. The ride along the silver valley road was great and I remembered doing this a few years back on my KLX with Phil.

    Once again at the Oasis Roadhouse I topped up with fuel before taking the Lynd all the way into Hughenden.

    It was a late lunch and refuel at the roadhouse in Hughenden then onto the dirt to Muttaburra where I topped up again before starting the final leg into Longreach arriving at 5.30. :happay

    Total Distance for the trip 2579kms

    The bike now has 27018 kms on the clock and both tyres are had it so it will be booked in for fresh rubber and the 30000km service before I go riding again.

    The rear Dunlop 908 Rally raid is 200 kms short of 10000 so am very happy with the wear

    The Motoz Rallyz front has 7700 kms on it and whilst wear has been good I think I prefer the Mitas MC23.