El Diablo Run, Socal To Baja, April 17-21, '08

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    Jan 2, 2008
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    This ride was originally conceived and dedicated to builder and riders of outlaw choppers (no OCC bikes!), but enough BMW club cats and enduro riders have started infiltrating the scene that I thought you guys might like to know about it.

    The El Diablo Run website is super informative and comprehensive, and offers everything you need to know to make the journey.


    I've ridden both EDRs: one year on a custom softail Sportster and last April on a custom hard tail XL883.

    This year I'm taking my G650X Challenge.

    If you live in SoCal and you're not doing anything April 17-22, you could do a lot worse than coming on this ride.

    Last year we had 200 riders. This April I expect 300 based on advance innerweb buzz.

    Here are some photos of the spots we hit:





    Read the EDer website for more info on the route, mileage, accommodations, etc.

    Many of you probably have already spent loads of time in San Felipe, so you know how fun the riding is to the first stop on our adventure. On day three we ride across Baja to Ensenads, were we hang out for two more days doing local riding up and down the coast.

    Thanks for your interest. I look forward to meeting new guys...