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    It's only a prototype, from a company that has only existed for two years, but WOW! Lot's of potential there. I'm especially liking the under-380 lbs. curb weight combined with 71 hp! All of this could change, but they are starting out right in my sweet spot.

    Remember how I said that EMs are likely headed for performance with a character more like Moto2 or an older 250 GP than Superbike? Lighter, smaller, just as fast on the same track as Superbikes, but in a different way? Way back in my Superbike days (late '70s) we shared a test session with a TZ250 team. Their lap times and ours were nearly identical, but speeds were very different at different parts of the track, for obvious reasons.

    Which bike do you think was more fun to ride? (Hint: We won national championships, but the handling of our bike was pretty damn truckish. And our handling was better than anyone else's.)

    My crystal ball suggests we'll eventually be seeing road bikes with near-100 hp at around 300 lbs. curb weight. That would be too sweet. It'll take longer than it has to, because the commercial market will be slow to catch on to what the possibilities are. Keep an eye on the custom builders. Racing classes need to be created for 250-class GP bikes to be converted to electric power. THAT would open some eyes!!

    Emflux has a long road ahead, but I wish these guys lots of luck.
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    Varun Painter, the guy in the video, said About 6 lakh (600,000) Indian rupees = $8,675.40 US.
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    At that price things will be interesting! That has plenty of performance and range for riding to work and hitting the hills after work - then charging overnight to do it again the next day.