Emig Racing clamps and stabilizer

Discussion in 'Dakar champion (950/990)' started by S Won, Feb 28, 2006.

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    Stock 950 and 990 are 18mm offset.
    Stock 950 Super Enduro are 20mm offset
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    Where the hell is Truckee, CA?

    Is there a fucking FIRETRUCK in your garage?!
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    Yes, that is a fire truck. I am part of the live in program with my department. We are voluteers that pay a small rent fee and live at the station full time. Pretty sweet deal. Its my garage.

    So I also found out that my rear tire was very low and was making the bike fall over in the turns. Aired it up and it now rides better. Was worried there for a minute that the new set up was a mistake.

    I was looking at that post about the dampener setting as well. It said 1-5 for most times. I was wondering what setting I should have it on when I am traveling on roads and then what setting to have it on while on tight trails and also for dirt/fire roads.
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    Love to rent some space and tools some times.

    I´m running the emig to. Though i would love them in black.
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    Ok Guys,
    I've read as much as I can absorb on the steering stabilizer and clamper set up from as many areas as I can...my situation. 04 950 mainly used for off road work..dirt roads, fire trail, single trial, 4wd tracks etc. I did a 1650 Klm 3 day recently 90% dirt ( my biggest off road to date on the 950).

    What I noticed...the 950 has a ton of grunt that likes to breaks traction at speed on dirt and trails....75 - 140Kph. On the dirt road sections, it was awesome for two wheel drifts into and out of corners.

    I felt that on the gas as it broke traction and drifted, that as it swung back into line it was a little twitchy / unstable....I understand there's a lot of shifting mass as the rear gets traction and drives again and this is inevitable. I guess due to the size of the Kato versus the same thing happening on my berg the whole thing is amplified. My berg is only around 110Kg's loaded and runs a GPR unit dialled in at around 4.5 most of the time.

    One other thing I noticed, the bars are too low and too far back. My Berg runs and under bar set up and is 90mm to centreline of bars from low point between bar mounting holes on the top tree. on both bike I run Magura SX bend...I like them. The overall handling of the 950 is pretty good for a bike of it's size and weight and I'm thinking of going the following way:

    a. Staying with the standard off set...not a bad all rounder...the bike feels solid up to 160 - 170 on the dirt

    b. Getting an Emig under bar Rev stabilizer as it's similar in action to my GPR 2 unit

    My question for you guys is what height bar rise did you all go...and is there a specific reason for it...? I'm thinking of going to the 3.25" or 90mm centreline height to match and mirror (somewhat) that of my Berg. I ride standing most of the time and am 6.1. I understand the geometry of the 950 vs. the 550 is not identical but the 950 feels like it needs to be forward and up in the bars department to suit the ass off the seat elbows out riding style.. I also understand the Emig top clamp / underbar set up will bring the bars forward which I think will be good.

    No doubt looking at various offset's is another argument again, but my thoughts are that as it is seems to be good for road and good for dirt as a compromise...one last question for feedback....So regardless of the offset trees you have....if you run a damper unit dialled into the mid range and you've backed into a corner on the dirt at speed (let's say 80- 110 kph) as the bike gets traction and lines up / straightens again, does having a REV 2 / Gpr 2 type damper unit try and turn the frame / front around as the back swings back...? I'm not sure if I've explained this well but I think you'll get my question.

    Would take on board any and all feedback or thoughts


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