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    This is just a curiosity more than anything. New bikes have all kinds of emissions equipment: catalytic converters, AIS, EFI, etc., required to meet US emissions standards. We also hear about Euro Tier 2, Tier 3, etc.
    Yet the bikes that have been around awhile, like the DRZ400 or DR650 for example, still use carbs and as far as I know have no cats either. They are still sold as streel legal in the US.
    So does the emissions go with the current calendar year, or with the original bike certification date or what? Is there some kind of grandfather clause?

    Also does anyone know what the actual cost of emissions compliance testing costs a manufacturer for a particular model? I've always heard that certain model bikes (and cars) are not sold in the US due to this cost burden, but I've never seen a true dollar amount associated with it. Is it a flat fee? Does the size of the manufacturer matter? The number of units sold?
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    DR650's and KLR's that was still sold new last year is called grandfathered, once it passes emissions laws and they don't change the design they can keep selling it regardless of emissions laws But if they change anything in the design then they have to go through the whole emissions approval that is the advantage of the US, in the EU the bikes being sold needs to pass the ever tightening emissions laws when they come into force and you will find very few Carbed bikes being sold new in the EU