Eurasia 2019 trip - Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia or Vladivostok, Russia?

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    Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia or Vladivostok, Russia? Looking for advice on where I should start my Eurasia summer 2019 bike trip.

    Originally I was going to start in Vladivostok in early May, and end up in Eastern Europe in August / September timeframe go through Mongolia and the Stan countries. However given the long distances, I’m thinking about skipping the eastern part of Russia and flying directly to Mongolia and starting my trip there.

    Would I miss a whole lot if I do skip Vladivostok? I need to get a bike once I’m in either location. So if you have tips on the ease of obtaining one in either location that’d be helpful

    I’m currently in India driving up to the Himalayas with my Royal Enfield. I’ll depart in May to start my Eurasia trip! — looking for recommendations.
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    I meant to respond to this Vic put got side tracked with work.
    I did both locations end of 2017, around October / November time frame.

    Let me first just say, excellent selection of countries to ride in. Not too many other countries left that feels so uncharted / ridden. Loved every bit of Mongolia and the incredible HUGE mother Russia. I was on a 2015 BMW F800GS adventure. Not sure which bike you will take but make sure you have at least one spare gas tank with at least 2 gallon of fuel. I had out of gas twice on the East side of Russia and once in east side of Mongolia.. mainly because I passed up a fuel station when my tank read half full and was too lazy to stop. But there is definitely a few stretch of no gas service for about 225-250 miles on the east side of both countries..

    Not sure how much of Mongolia you're going to ride but I would say, definitely not miss Ulaanbaatar and everything West of that. I found the West side from the capital all the way to the western border where you cross back up to the Central Gorno Altay Mountain Ranges of Russia (and the Gorno Altay area is amazing off road routes and terrain area of Russia as well) were the most interesting parts of Mongolia; as well as the South and North parts of Mongolia.. the east toward China was a bit flat / blane. Very friendly loving people and great culture.

    Make sure to pull over to a local tent / yurt of the goat herders and say hello / introduce yourself. Good chance to be invited in for tea and/or a dry warm bed for the night.. Next to Azerbaijani people, the Mongols were the friendliest of people. I thought I was friendly guy, compared to them.. I'm an asshole LOL..

    Should you skip Vladivostok ?? Absolutely NOT! Not too many people can say they have ridden there all the way to the east of Europe. Of course I'm bias because of love Russian culture, language food, etc. I have a handful of Russian friends and they have always treated like family. Tru that it'll be over 2500 miles ride and some really long stretch but an opportunity to really see Russia as it was.. centuries ago.. by way of small towns and cities.. not like Moscow / St. Petersburg.

    I'm not sure about where to buy bikes but you'll have better luck buying a good bike in Vlad than in Ullaan for sure. Russia has a much friendlier / bigger biker community than Mongolia. You're probably not going to find anything bigger than a 250cc in Mongolia so if you ARE starting off without a bike, the Vlad would be the city to go to.

    Good luck my friend and safe travels... Setting foot on foreign soil is the first step to human understanding..
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