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EVO brake lock up

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by KAdriver, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. KAdriver

    KAdriver adventures on asphalt

    Feb 26, 2005
    Eastern PA
    Hi all,
    ie: EVO brake lock up on '02 1150RS

    So there I was riding a familar road about 40 miles from home this morning.
    Going up a familar hill about 50ish downshift to 5th to keep the rpms up,
    Feels like I'm slowing more than normal so I pull the clutch in and the bike
    slows way down, faster than it should for the momentum I should have had.
    As I pull off the road into the safety of someones drive I smell something
    burnt. As I get off to investigate I notice my left front disk is dis-colored,
    placing the bike on the center stand the front wheel is locked up.
    After a few choice words, which always work in these instances, I begin to
    investigate. I remove the calipier from the fork, looking for maybe something
    to be caught in the pads, nothing. Plenty of pad thickness
    left about 5/32. So it's not any metal to metal contact. I'm able to
    push the pads/ pistons back into the calipier. So I reasemble, pump up the
    handle to build pressure and have the pads contact the disk.
    Turn on the key to activate ABS, apply front brake several times,
    Get the familar whine, front wheel now spins free but a bit noisier due to
    the brake pads roughed up from temporarily siezing.
    No ABS fault lights prior to, during or after this other than the normal
    start up sequence. So rather than continue on, I head home.
    Not using the front brake, incase this happens again. Once home, ride
    around the local burb using ample front brake with no lock up.
    Was it a fluke? An ABS fault of some sort?
    I guess it's time to visit the dealer, or do the ABS system
    Flushing & Bleeding 101.