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Exploring Lake Nipigon Area September 2020

Discussion in 'Canada' started by revitup, Jul 16, 2020.

  1. revitup

    revitup Been here awhile

    Aug 10, 2008
    Burlington, Brant and Dundas
    Hey guys!

    A couple of us are planning on doing some exploring in North Western Ontario for one to two weeks. We will be riding mid size Adv bikes and meeting in Nipigon. We're looking for great fire roads, gravel roads, camping spots, and then more gravel. ....example Black Sturgeon Road starting at Hurkett on #17 and taking it all the way up to Kab Lake Lodge (is it a keeper/gravel) ?? We'd sorta like to stay of the slab most of the time.

    We'd like to start planning our trip to nowhere now. The sooner the better!

    What are, the top five camp grounds, gravel roads, points of interest, must see, must do, etc. What would you boyzz recommend???
  2. John F

    John F Been here awhile

    Oct 21, 2015
    South Windsor, CT
    That is the area a couple buddies and I were planning to explore after riding to Lake Weagamow, but the US decided to let the pandemic fester and you Canucks won’t let us in anymore. I’m hoping the border is open by next summer.

    I believe 527 is paved all the way to Armstrong, and there is a lot of unpaved road beyond. The holy grail of ADV riding in the area is a route over the top of Lake Nipigon connecting roads on the west side with roads on the east side. If I had a couple weeks in the area I’d explore the extremes from both the west and the east. Definitely a lot of excellent remote camping up that way. And finding a Northwest Passage over the top would be icing on the cake.