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Exploring old WW1 military roads along IT/FR border

Discussion in 'Ride Reports - Epic Rides' started by Rebel10, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. Rebel10

    Rebel10 Adventurer

    Mar 7, 2018
    Hope this is in the right section, wasn't sure wheter to post in videos or here. But since it is a summary report of our vacation tour and (at least for me) was totally epic ...here it is ;)

    Went with 4 friends to explore the old military roads from before and after WW1 along the border between Italy and France ('Grenzkamm' = German for 'border ridge'). Goal was to link all the famous ones and add some lesser known and one-way points in between. The covered region stretched from Switzerland's Lake Geneva all the way down to the Meditarranean Sea, plus Swiss passes on the way there from Zurich area.

    We stayed some days in Bardonecchia, northern Italy to explore that part, then moved south to Limone Piemonte for the southern part. Back up we went on the French side and stayed in Briançon. This worked out really well and allowed us to mostly explore the gravel roads without all the luggage.

    Weather in September was absolutely brilliant and not too hot anymore - except (of course) on the transit days from Switzerland to Bardonecchia and to the south basecamp when it rained heavily the whole day and temperatures dropped to minus degrees on passes.

    Apart from the various conditions and thrills of gravel roads, the historic fortification ruins were impressive and the views simply breathtaking - something the video can only give an tiny impression.

    Ah, an we were on a KTM 1190 Adventure, a KTM 990 Adventure, 2x BMW F650GS Dakar and an old Yamaha Tenere.

    Hope you enjoy the video (watch with sound on and in HD 1080):

    Hints if you plan to visit that region:
    - Some roads like Jafferau, Assietta, Someiller or Via del Sale have restrictions to motorized traffic on some days. Get information beforehand as the allowed weekdays sometimes change on short notice.
    - The site www.alpenrouten.de has excellent information about all the roads and interesting points in the alps, although in German only. Good to know: Their "SG" rating relates to the Denzel Alpine Road Scale which gives a good indication of what to expect.
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