Exploring the Trans - Wisconsin trail

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    These yahoos will be about four miles from my cabin, Fourth of July week. I can't say I'm very happy about it.
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    I have an NC700X and a G650Gs and I'll be selling one next spring. I'm leaning toward keeping the NC, but if it can't handle this trail which I plan on doing next summer, then I may keep the GS instead. I saw that someone did it on a Strom and it struggled a bit. Which ever bike I keep will be getting a set of Shinko 705s. Any thoughts?
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    I did most of the trail on a Super Tenere on Shinko 805's and only skipped the section near Delta Diner due to time constraints. The NC700X is so much lighter that I think it should not be a problem though 705's will get squirrley in soft sand. I like the 805's on pavement or off (especially for their low price) and they served me very well on multiple bikes.
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    Dec 4, 2017
    I did most of the trail on my 2015 vstrom 1000 with 804/805's. I went off trail north of Perkenstown near Hwy 8. Was an extreemly wet year and a few huge storms had gone through week before. First night on the trail we had tornadoes south of thorp and torrential rain where I was suppose to camp.

    I went sideways through wet swampy deep sand ponds near Blackriver falls. Almost put her down several times, but made it through with a slight pulled groin.

    Only reason i ended up going off trail was it was getting to cold to camp wet with no dry wood available and the trails were better suited to a jet ski. Second night it got down to 46F and I was soaked. Week prior it was mid 80's and I wasnt packed for cold. Not my cup of tea, and not what I bought the bike to go through. Give me a 450 and 80F or warmer and I'll ride that swampy stuff all day.

    Some day in better dryer weather I plan to attempt the trail again on the strom. Ill likely pick a tire better then the Shinkos. I've decided I dont like paddle like rear wheel and the front got a LOUD ringing at speed after 3000 miles.
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    if anyone wants to plan doing this in the spring or sections of this PM id like to join on a 12 tenere . im about hour south of the start of the trail