ezCAN Generation 2 hardware launch & software updates

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    We launched the ezCAN Generation 2 hardware and it offers you more flexibility to configure the ezCAN, support for two sets of independently controlled auxiliary lights, and auxiliary light modulation.

    A brief history of ezCAN's....

    ezCAN Generation 1, 2-wire

    The original ezCAN device were two wire devices and supported the R1200LC and K1600 models.

    These have 2x 10A outputs and 2x 4A outputs with Amp Superseal connectors.


    ezCAN Generation 1, 3-wire

    We added support for the F800 and R1200 (oilheads/camheads) on the 3-wire ezCANs and later supported both the R1200LC and K1600 on the 3-wire ezCANs. The 3rd wire is used for controlling dimming on 3-wire lights such as Denali Tri-optic and Clearwater lights.

    These have 2x 10A outputs and 2x 4A outputs with Amp Superseal connectors. There are two independent 3-wire control lines, one linked to the Red & Orange circuits and one linked to the Yellow & White circuits.


    ezCAN Generation 2

    The first Gen2 device to launch was for Harley Davidson bikes, and now we have launched the Gen2 for BMW bikes.

    The Gen2 devices are slightly longer and have 4x 10A outputs with MT connectors (total system current is still limited to 25A). Each output circuit has an independent 3-wire control line. The wire colours for the output circuits are now Red, Blue, Yellow and White.


    The MT connectors are directly compatible with Denali DataDim lights.

    The updates to the hardware allow you to configure the output circuits in any way without any limitations on the functions that are allocated to each circuit.

    Software features for Generation 2 devices

    We've changed the way output circuits can be configured and ditched the fixed configurations so that you can choose exactly what you want on each circuit.

    Each circuit and its allocated function is now shown at the top of the main configuration screen:


    Click on a circuit's function to select the function you would like:


    Each circuit on the Generation 2 hardware offers exactly the same function selections, so you can configure exactly the way you want to.

    Generation 2 devices support two sets of independent auxiliary lights! You can now run your Denali DM lights as a DRL and only turn on the Denali D7's when you switch to high beam.

    Fuse values for each circuit can be set by clicking on the fuse value:


    New auxiliary light modulation feature

    Auxiliary lights can now be set to modulate during the day, i.e. vary the light intensity continuously so that you are more visible on the road.


    The modulation is only active during the day (as detected by your BMW bike's ambient light sensor), and the change in intensity when modulating can be set. The modulation feature is based on the DOT guidelines for headlight modulators.


    New configurations for your Generation 1 ezCAN

    Generation 1 devices are also now more configurable. They aren't quite as flexible due to there being 2x 10A and 2x 4A outputs with only two independent 3-wire control lines. Gen1 device get these option below, which offer some of the most requested features.





    It is now possible to run the following options (as well as many others) on the Gen1 ezCAN devices:
    • Independent left/right lights with a brake and high power accessory horn (or high power switched accessory) output.
    • Independent left/right 3-wire lights. This requires using the Red circuit for Aux 1 left and the White circuit for Aux 1 right. The lights can then dim independently when turn signals are active.
    Further information about configuring the software and the latest links for downloading can be found here: https://www.hexezcan.com/software/

    Gen2 extension wire kit

    Wiring kits for the Generation 2 ezCAN's are now available to make the installation of your lights and accessories easier. The kit provide various extension wires that can be adjusted and customised for your lighting and accessory set up.

    Where to buy a Gen2 ezCAN

    You can purchase a Gen2 ezCAN through the Hex Innovate online shop, or your nearest reseller.
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    Man, I don’t yet have any accessories but I’m going to get this thing just in case. Might power up one dedicated circuit for a 12V air pump as my first accessory and then get the BDCW fork light after that.

    As an Electrical Engineer myself, I can appreciate the beauty in this design. Well done.
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    Apr 28, 2019
    Just called BeemerShop and they don't have the GEN2s yet, so I'll have to wait until the do. The dual aux light control is something I've been holding out for and this will be perfect for the BDCW light bar and side lights.
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    hmmmm.... a little gutted that I just got my now apparently N-1 EZCan 6 weeks ago...and here we are with a new Gen2 option. I especially like running my Rigid DSS yellow lights as DRL and then hit the Rigid light bar when Hi Beam gets activated.

    Not sure i'm gonna spend the $$$ just for that use case, but seems like a good update.
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